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Double discs give heavy soils the chop chop

Published on 09 November 2018

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Double discs give heavy soils the chop chop

AMAZONE’s new Double Disc Roller is ideal for cutting, crumbling and reconsolidating even the stickiest of soils.

Each roller comprises enclosed of welded steel ‘dishes’, whose serrated outer rims and an outer diameter of 600 mm produce a deep slice to improve water infiltration and oxygen exchange in cultivated soil. The low wearing and self-driving dishes are spaced 25 cm apart, which combined with scrapers, ensure easy passage of stubble and soil.

The offset positioning of the two rows produces a final spacing of 12.5 cm. Due to the large dead weight of the rollers, stones are pressed back into the soil.

AMAZONE manufactures 10 different rollers for its range of integrated cultivation and seeding implements to suit all soil type and operating conditions.

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