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Published on 31 October 2017

LEADING European manufacturer of spreading, spraying, seeding and cultivation equipment, AMAZONE, will be awarded three silver medals for innovation at this year’s Agritechnica.

The medal tally includes recognition for the company’s ‘SwingStop pro’ spray boom guidance system, which incorporates new ‘pulse width frequency modulation’ nozzle system.

Boomed-mounted sensors and electronics calculate the relative speed of each individual nozzle in real time and automatically adjust the spray output in milliseconds.

The system compensates any changes caused by the horizontal movements of the boom, resulting in unprecedented application accuracy across the entire working width of the sprayer.

Another smart innovation is the AMAZONE ‘SmartService 4.0’, which allows field technicians to ‘livestream’ their working environment to factory-based AMAZONE service specialists using smartphones, tablets or data glasses.

The technology means AMAZONE can provide real-time support to service technicians undertaking complicated repairs or maintenance procedures anywhere in the world.

The third medal-winning innovation is the ‘Agrirouter’, an internet-based platform that enables farmers and contractors to easily share machinery data, even if it has been created using different software.

The platform will help to optimise operational procedures and reduce administrative costs.

AMAZONE farm machinery is distributed in New Zealand and Australia by the CLAAS Harvest Centre network.

Established in 1883, the fourth-generation family-owned business operates eight manufacturing sites across Germany, France, Austria, Hungary and Russia.

AMAZONE invests more than five percent of its turnover in research and development every year.

Check out AMAZONE's latest innovations at AGRITECHNICA HERE

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