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Precision without the bells and whistles

Published on 29 June 2018

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Precision without the bells and whistles

AMAZONE has introduced a six metre rigid version of its ED precision air seeder, which provides all the performance of the folding model but in a ‘low spec’ format.

CLAAS Harvest Centre Product Manager – AMAZONE, Craig Hopkins, says the ED 6000 has low hydraulic or electronic requirements, making it suitable for use with older or low specification tractors.

“The singling drive and the fertiliser metering are driven mechanically via a ground wheel, while the blower fan is driven via the PTO shaft,” he says. The AMASCAN+ terminal monitors the singling process and provides a hectare counter.

The ED 6000 can be equipped with eight or 12 sowing units, each with a 60 L hopper capacity, and a choice of two fertiliser systems. The first comprises two 110 L Micro Plus applicators that apply a starter fertiliser to individual rows via the sowing coulters. Alternatively, the ED 6000 can be equipped with a 1,100 L fertiliser tank and single disc openers or trailing ‘suffolk’ coulters.

Sowing units can be fitted with AMAZONE’s Classic or Contour coulters, which are suitable for sowing into cultivated soil or stubble, respectively.

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