01 February 2017

New four metre Cirrus folding-trailed cultivator drills

AMAZONE has extended its series of Cirrus offset disc/drill combinations with the release of the 4003-2 folding unit and 4003-2C models.
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11 January 2017

New nozzle technology reduces spraying costs by up to 10 per cent

LEADING European spray manufacturer, AMAZONE, has released an electric control system that automatically selects the best nozzle according to operating conditions.
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09 December 2016

CLAAS releases mobile base station

CLAAS has released a mobile RTK base station that provides high accuracy for automatic steering systems in any location, however remote
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30 November 2016

CLAAS announces upgrades to variable round balers

CLAAS has unveiled its new VARIANT 400 series of variable round balers, which are due for release in New Zealand and Australia in 2017.
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04 April 2017

CLAAS machines have got the look

THE new CLAAS JAGUAR 900 forage harvester and RTK FIELD BASE mobile GPS station have proven they’ve got the brains and beauty to match by recently winning two internationally-renowned iF Design Awards.
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11 August 2017

CLAAS turns the lights on

FORAGE harvesting specialist, CLAAS, will introduce a number of new equipment options, including an integrated bale weighing system, and a high-end LED lighting and a ‘pull-out’ knife drawer, for its QUADRANT 5300, 5200 and 4200 big square balers.
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16 August 2017

The round baler for tough conditions

FORAGE harvesting specialist, CLAAS, will introduce an optional feed rake system on its popular ROLLANT 620 round baler on 2018-delivery machines.
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04 September 2019

JCB Posts Record Results for 2018

JCB set new records for turnover, machine sales and earnings in 2018 as global markets for construction equipment and agricultural machinery remained strong, the company announced today.
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15 October 2019

CLAAS claims three silver medals at Agritechnica

CLAAS has won three Agritechnica Innovation Award silver medals for technology found on its new LEXION 6000/5000 series of ‘straw walker’ combine harvesters and JAGUAR 900 and 800 series of forage harvesters.
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26 September 2019

New app for happy spreading

AMAZONE’s new MySpreader app is an all-in-one package that combines the company’s proven FertiliserService, EasyCheck and EasyMix apps for perfect spreader adjustment.
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25 October 2019

New loader wagon calls the shots

CLAAS has released a new control system that optimises the performance of its CARGOS 9000 and 8000 forage loader wagons when used with any ISOBUS-compatible tractor.
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18 October 2019

High-quality fodder is clear cut

WHILE performance, reliability, ease of maintenance, service life and cost are always top of mind when choosing fodder harvesting machinery, the production of high quality fodder should be the focus.
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21 November 2019

The World's Fastest Tractor 2.0

JCB Fastrac Two – a stripped down and performance-enhanced JCB Fastrac tractor – has set a new world record as the world’s fastest tractor by clocking an average speed of 135 mph (217.6 km/h).
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27 November 2019

Fast, accurate and user-friendly - the all new AMAZONE Precea Precision Air Seeder

AMAZONE claims its new Precea precision air seeder delivers fast, accurate and user-friendly operation, even at operating speeds of up to 20 km/h!
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25 November 2019

CLAAS Shares the Data

CLAAS has developed an interface that enables data collected by its TELEMATICS remote monitoring system to be seamlessly exchanged with a number of leading farm management information systems.
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25 November 2019

CLAAS ARION tractors now even easier to operate

CLAAS has announced a number of improvements to its popular ARION 600/500 series of tractors to coincide with the introduction of Stage V engines.
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