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AMAZONE releases new EasySet spreading terminal

Published on 08 June 2021

AMAZONE’s new EasySet 2 terminal adds a new level of sophistication to the company’s range of ZA-M entry-level mounted spreaders by providing a cost-effective solution for automatic rate adjustment. This electric controller enables a constant application rate to be maintained irrespective of forward speed, as well as offering many other easy-to-operate functions and comfortable setting options.

CLAAS Harvest Centre General Manager – Product, Tim Needham, says the system ensures even fertiliser distribution. "EasySet 2 electronically adjusts the shutter position and aperture size so that the application rate remains constant,” he says. “This means that the operator can speed up or slow down, depending on ground conditions and the size of field.”

The operator has the option of using a signal cable, sensor or a GPS antenna to determine ground speed. EasySet 2 does not require any menu prompting. “Each button only has one function, so the terminal is very easy to use,” Tim says.

“The operator simply has to enter the desired application rate and the terminal does the rest. There’s no need to leave the tractor cab to make manual adjustments to the spreader. Even better, the operator can change the application rate on either or both sides during operation, which is particularly useful when spreading along sides, borders and water courses. All that is needed is a 12 V power connection – there are no hydraulics.”

Other features include an integrated hectare meter, total area counter, semi-automatic rate calibration and automatic emptying of residual amounts.

EasySet 2 is ideal for use with the tried-and-tested ZA-M 02 series, which covers a range of flexible working widths and hopper sizes from 1,000 to 3,000 litres.

  • EasySet 2 ensures a uniform spreading pattern.
  • The EasySet 2 in-cab terminal.
  • The application rate can be adjusted on the go.
  • Each button on the EasySet 2 has only one function.
  • EasyCheck digital, mobile test kit for easy optimisation of the lateral distribution.

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