AMAZONE spreaders get new blockage sensors

Published on 30 September 2018

SPREADING technology leader, AMAZONE, has introduced its new FlowCheck monitoring system on all hydraulically-driven ZA-TS mounted spreaders. Sensors in the hydraulic system constantly monitor flow pressure in the left and right spreading disc motors. The system detects any change in pressure and sends an alarm to the driver via the operator terminal inside the cabin.

CLAAS Harvest Centre Product Manager – AMAZONE, Blair McAlwee, says FlowCheck adds another yet another layer of precision to spreading operations. “All AMAZONE spreaders are fitted with sieves inside the hopper, but it is still theoretically possible for either aperture to become blocked by encrusted fertiliser lumps or foreign objects,” he says. “It is well known that hydroscopic fertilisers, such as urea, can stick to the hopper walls or become lumpy in high humidity conditions.

“Blockages can cause significant variations in application rate and spreading pattern. “FlowCheck ensures that the application rate remains the same on either side under all circumstances. “In addition, the driver is always informed of the overall application rate and hopper fill level via the weighing system.” AMAZONE farm machinery is distributed in Australia by the CLAAS Harvest Centre network.

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