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Catros 2TX

Compact Disc Harrow

Flexible character.

Match the CATROS 2TX to virtually any field conditions and to operations from shallow stubble tillage right down to top soil deep loosening.


Maximum acreage output

CATROS+-2TX-machines are characterised by their smooth travel because the weight of the running gear evenly rests on the disc section and the following rollers. The short distance between support wheels and the roller ensures the superb contour following over hills and through hollows. The CATROS+-2TX is equipped with serrated or smooth 510 mm diameter discs and thus allows working depths from 5 to 14 cm.


A maintenance dream

With no need to lubricate the disc bearings, this results in a significantly reduced overall maintenance time. The sprung rubber mountings allow for the optimum adaptation of the concave discs to the soil surface. The large diameter of the rubber buffer blocks gives a high spring pressure to prevent impact. 

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