1335 UF

Mounted Sprayer

Tank capacities of 900 to 1,800 litres. Boom working widths from 12 to 28 metres.


Mounted Sprayer

Tank capacities of 900 to 1,800 litres. Boom working widths from 12 to 28 metres.


With just a few hand clamps the UF is quickly and safely mounted onto the tractor. Sufficient space between tractor and sprayer ease the mounting.

All AMAZONE ISOBUS sprayers are certified to UT 2.0 in accordance with the AEF conformity test. This means that these AMAZONE machines can be operated via any terminal which is available on the market that has also been certified according to UT 2.0. In addition, with an ISOBUS compatible SectionControl licence, AMAZONE ISOBUS sprayers can be switched via a third-party ISOBUS terminal.

AMAZONE’s AMATRON 3, CCI 100 and AMAPAD terminals and all AMAZONE ISOBUS machines support the AUX AEF functionality. This means, that, for instance, the keys of an existing AUX-N compatible multi-function joystick can be reprogrammed to suit an individual’s needs. So, any function is there, exactly where the operator wants it to be.

Piston diaphragm pumps
The piston diaphragm pumps are able to run dry and are liquid fertiliser proof. Together with a high suction capacity the pump design ensures an evenly high delivery capacity and a smooth running of the pump even at high pressures. Available pumps with 160, 210 and 250 l/min. capacity. For the constant monitoring of the pump from the tractor cab the oil volume equaliser of the pump is within the view of the driver.

Quick and safe filling
The sprayer is filled via the 2" suction port with suction hose. The liquid delivery is carried out in such a way that - during the suction procedure - there is always clear water available on the induction bowl. In case filling is intended with a pressure hose a fillling port with Geka- or C-coupling is available as special option. Via this port the simultaneous filling of the clear water tank from the left hand side is possible.

Fill level indicator
The fill level indicator can be read both via the pointer and also electronical via the AMATRON 3 operator terminal or the AMASPRAY+ on-board computer .

Clear and operator friendly
All functions with just three operating elements: 

1) Vario-control pressure side for filling, inducting, spraying, internal cleaning and external cleaning
2) Quick emptying (option) for emptying the spray agent tanks with the aid of the pump
3) Agitator valve for the stepless adjustment of the agitator intensity via the self cleaning pressure filter. Integrated additional function: targeted emptying of the pressure filter
4) Vatio control suction side for sucking off the spray agent tank, the clear water tank or via the suction hose. Integrated additional function: Pressure free residual emptying and ventilation of the suction filter