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Curtis Wynhoven

Curtis Wynhoven

Product Business Analyst —

Where are you from?
Winchelsea, Victoria, Australia

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Prior to beginning my studies I worked as a Jackaroo in South Australia. Whilst studying, I worked as a machinery driver on a large sheep and cropping farm in Western Victoria and for a Harvest Contractor working anywhere between Southern Queensland and Victoria. In December 2018 I graduated from Marcus Oldham College with a Degree in Business (Farm Business Management). After completing another harvest in 2018, I began my new role as a Graduate at CLAAS Harvest Centre and Landpower in February 2019.

What does a typical day involve?
There is no ‘typical’ day for a CLAAS Harvest Centre Graduate. Since starting, I have worked with Parts, Service and Sales in both wholesale and retail. I was also fortunate enough to do a stint as a Business Analyst in Christchurch. It has been very interesting to experience all aspects of the business and is something that not too many other employees get the opportunity to do.

What do you enjoy most about the Graduate program?
CLAAS Harvest Centre spans a vast geographic area, and the exposure to all types of agriculture across New Zealand and Australia has been invaluable. It is amazing to see the differences in climate and geography. Hence, the different production systems that the CLAAS Harvest Centre network caters for. There is a good culture around the business, one of growth and opportunity, I feel excited to be part of a business with such potential.

How did you get involved in the Graduate Program?
I met up with a previous graduate at a school reunion in Geelong. He motivated me to apply for the position and fortunately I was successful in my application.

What advice do you have for others thinking about applying for the Graduate Program?
The products that the CLAAS Harvest Centre network offer are of exceptional quality and the company itself is certainly growing. If you have a passion for agriculture and machines that drive efficiency and profitability, I would urge you to apply.

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