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CLAAS acquires SHREDLAGE technology

Published on 18 August 2016

GLOBAL forage harvesting technology giant, CLAAS, has acquired the complete intellectual and marketing rights for the innovative SHREDLAGE maize silage process.

SHREDLAGE was developed over the past decade by two U.S. dairy nutritionists, Roger Olsen and Ross Dale, who recognised the need to develop a more efficient silage process suitable for high-ratio forage diets.

The process intensively processes both the kernel and ‘long chop’ stalk using two specially-designed LOREN CUT rollers that fit into the MULTI CROP CRACKER (MCC-L) processor found in CLAAS JAGUAR forage harvesters.

CLAAS V-MAX V20 and V-CLASSIC V24 chopping cylinders are used to produce a chop length of 26 to 30 mm, about 10 mm longer than conventional silage. 

The two LOREN CUT rollers, which have 110 and 145 teeth set in opposing spiral grooves and with a 50 per cent speed differential, break the kernels to a fraction of their normal size while simultaneously shredding the stalks into planks and strings.

CLAAS acquired the international distribution rights for the technology last year for use in its industry-leading range of JAGUAR forage harvesters.

CLAAS Greenline Group Product Manager, Luke Wheeler, says the process significantly improves the availability and digestibility of starch and fibre by exposing the inner cells of the kernels and stalks to microbial activity in the rumen.

“University studies have shown small but significant improvements in dry matter intake, digestibility and milk production,” he says.

“In addition, the rumen-friendly silage structure is believed to improve the health of cows.

“The need to supplement with other fibre sources, such as straw, can also be reduced or even eliminated, producing even greater savings.”

Luke says the acquisition means silage contractors operating CLAAS JAGUAR forage harvesters can now offer three proven options for their customers.

“All JAGUAR models are equipped with the uniform CLAAS MCC processor that can be equipped with three quick-change corn cracker rollers,” he says.

“The availability of MCC CLASSIC, MCC MAX and MCC SHREDLAGE rollers means contractors can now deliver a one-stop solution for short-cut silage, long-cut silage and SHREDLAGE, respectively.”

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