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CLAAS introduces two new track widths

Published on 24 June 2022

CLAAS has added two new track widths for its AXION TERRA TRAC high horsepower tractors. In addition to the existing 635 mm (25”) and 735 mm (29”) widths, the crawler tracks are now available in 457 mm (18”) and 890 mm (35”) widths.

CLAAS Harvest Centre General Manager – Product, Tim Needham, says the new narrow and super wide profiles will make the AXION TERRA TRAC even more versatile. “The narrow tracks are ideal for row crops, while the wider width delivers even better traction and flotation in heavy operating conditions or delicate pastures,” he says.

“These additions mean AXION TERRA TRAC is equally at home spreading, mowing or hauling chaser bins as it is performing heavy draught work, such as cultivation and seeding. The tracks can also be fitted on a three-metre spacing for use in controlled traffic farming systems.”

Introduced in 2019, AXION TERRA TRAC is the world’s only full-suspension half-track tractor. AXION 960 TERRA TRAC (445 hp) and AXION 930 TERRA TRAC (355 hp) are based on the same platform as the popular AXION 900 series, but are fitted with fifth-generation crawler units on the rear axle. “This concept provides the best of both worlds,” Tim says. “You’ve got the improved traction and reduced soil compaction from the tracks, while the front wheels make it easy to steer just like a conventional tractor.”

CLAAS claims the technology delivers 15% more traction, 35% more footprint and up to 50% less ground pressure compared to a wheeled tractor. Each friction drive unit comprises an oversized drive wheel, two roller wheels, an idler wheel and an automatic tensioning cylinder. “Compared to the TERRA TRAC units on the LEXION and JAGUAR, the drive wheel has been increased to increase power transfer, while the transmission has been strengthened to transit the higher torque needed for draught work,” Tim says. “Likewise, the rear axle and the fuel tank have been modified to accommodate the crawler units."

The drive and idler wheels are designed to be self-cleaning and to reduce the build-up of heat. The two rollers are independently suspended and have up to 120 mm of travel. In addition, each assembly can pivot up to 23 degrees longitudinally. “Combined with the long wheelbase, this design ensures each track remains in full contact with the ground in all operating conditions,” Tim says.

“Between the front axle suspension, four-point cab suspension and the suspended TERRA TRAC unit, this is arguably the most comfortable tractor on the market.” The driver can choose between three steering modes or adjust the tractor’s ground clearance by up to 12 cm via the CEBIS terminal to perfectly match the height of the tractor to the implement. “An intelligent drive control system provides a relatively tight turning circle of just under eight metres,” Tim says. “With a maximum gross weight of 22 tonnes, 3 metre width – even with the widest tracks – and a 40 km/h transport speed, this tractor is 100% roadworthy.”

CLAAS Industrietechnik in Paderborn, Germany, has manufactured more than 35,000 TERRA TRAC units since 1997. Besides being found on high performance CLAAS machinery, TERRA TRAC is utilised in a number of third-party potato, beet and vegetable harvesters and effluent spreaders.

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