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New automatic cutterbar adjustment makes life easier

Published on 12 August 2022

CLAAS has introduced a new machine optimisation system that automatically adjusts the table length and reel position of its VARIO variable cutterbars when used in combination with CLAAS LEXION combine harvesters.

CLAAS Harvest Centre General Manager – Product, Tim Needham, says the new system uses sensors in the feed channel and on the cabin roof to measure the position of the table length and the vertical and horizontal position of the reel. The CEMOS function then automatically adjusts the settings for optimal performance.

“Previously, the operator inside the cabin could adjust the vertical and horizontal reel position and the knife position by up to 60 cm on a VARIO,” Tim says. “These positions could be stored to the cutting height controls system on the LEXION’s operating system, giving the operator semi-automatic control. By comparison, this new system is fully automatic, which reduces the operator’s workload optimises and crop flow into the threshing system regardless of the operating conditions. Even crop flow reduces the load on all components from the cutterbar to the feeder housing and the primary and secondary separation, which in turn, improves throughput, efficiency and grain quality.” CEMOS AUTO HEADER was awarded a silver medal this year by the Agritechnica Innovations Commission.

CLAAS has also introduced the new canola knives and reel drive found on the VARIO 1380, 1230 and 1080 models to its smaller models. “The cutting force of the knives have been increased by 50 percent thanks to the mechanical drives and integrated overload clutch,” Tim says. “This means the front can be driven through even the most difficult areas of the crop without problems.” The lightweight knives can be fitted in just a few seconds without tools.

Likewise, a new clamping device simplifies the assembly and disassembly of the stalk dividers. “The new reel drive uses a hydraulic driveline instead of a chain drive, which makes it possible to utilise the full adjustment range of the table, even with canola knives fitted. Another important benefit of having a hydraulic drive is that the maintenance interval has increased from 100 to 500 operating hours.”

The new models also feature a pressure-dependent reel height adjustment that automatically matches the reel speed to ground speed. “A sensor measures hydraulic pressure in the reel drive,” Tim says. “If large crop volumes cause the reel speed to decrease, the reel is automatically raised until the required reel speed is recovered. The reel then automatically lowers to the pre-determined height.”

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