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New compact Fastrac 4000

Published on 25 May 2020

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New compact Fastrac 4000

WITH the introduction of continuously variable transmission, all-round self-levelling suspension and increased lift and load capacity, the all-new JCB Fastrac 4000 raises the bar in performance and versatility.

Product Manager – JCB, Steve Gorman, says the new series draws upon 25 years of experience and expertise in the design, development and manufacture of the world’s most versatile and comfortable tractor. “The core design philosophy of the Fastrac is a machine that can operate multiple implements at fast operating speeds with complete stability, safety and comfort,” he says. “The 4000 series stays true to this concept but raises the bar in terms of performance and capabilities in the mid-size power range. For example, the maximum lift of the rear linkage has been increased by 30 per cent to 8000 kg, while the front linkage has been increased by 20 per cent to 3500 kg. Likewise, the new chassis and suspension allows a maximum vehicle weight of up to 14 tonnes, including a load of four tonnes on the rear deck. The addition of CVT ensures optimum delivery of power and torque, resulting in ultra-fine speed control and smooth operation in every situation.”

The 4000 series comprises three models spanning 160 to 217 hp at 2100 rpm (175 to 235 hp maximum).

All models feature a 6.6-litre six-cylinder AGCO Power engine equipped with selective catalytic reduction technology to meet Tier 4 emissions standards and a continuously variable transmission. “Its selectable modes allow the operator to optimise performance and fuel efficiency,” Steve says. “For example, the ‘active traction’ mode manipulates engine speed to maximise torque during heavy drawbar work.”

With 50:50 weight distribution across four equal-sized 600/70R30 and 540/65R34 tyres, four wheel disc braking with optional ABS and advanced suspension, Fastrac 4000 has a maximum rated speed of 60 km/h.

Steve says this combination of features gives Fastrac 4000 a genuine competitive edge over conventional tractors. “It’s all about productivity,” he says. “With Fastrac, you can do more jobs at higher operating speed without compromising stability, safety or comfort. The ability to mount front and rear implements and being able to carry more seed, fertiliser or spray means you can stay in the paddock longer. A tight turning circle means you can turn quicker, while faster transport speed means you can move between jobs or return to base quicker. Every minute saved here and there can easily add up to an extra hour’s work each day and several days per year.”

Fastrac 4000 can be specified with two-wheel or optional four-wheel steering. The latter includes proportional four wheel, delayed four wheel steering, tracking and crab steering modes. Optional Rapid Steer allows the operator to modify the steering ratio for fast lock-to-lock turning when working in confined areas, at headlands or when operating a front loader.

Manoeuvrability has also been improved, thanks to the re-designed chassis, narrow bonnet and tighter turning axle. “Fastrac 4000 can turn in just 10 metres with the four-wheel steering engaged,” Steve says. “Turning directly at the headlands can be up to 40 per cent quicker than having to perform a three-point turn.”

The front and rear hydraulic suspension maintains correct ride height, as well as absorbing shocks and jolts.

An optional advanced suspension system provides all-round self-levelling and the ability to ‘squat’ under demountable equipment for quicker and easier implement change-over. “This unique double-acting system takes stability, comfort and control to new levels for agricultural vehicles,” Steve says. “The stiffer spring rate supports the extra weight when coupling, lifting or lowering implements or filling the hopper or spray tank. It also allows the tractor to ‘squat’ and slide beneath a demount sprayer, spreader or bulk hopper for quicker and easier switching between different tasks.”

Fastrac 4000 features a sophisticated new high capacity hydraulics system that delivers up to 148 litres/minute to the linkages or implements, while a dedicated gear pump maintains maximum steering control at all times. Electronic spool valves provide fingertip control and adjustable timer and flow functions.

The new ‘Command Plus’ cabin is the perfect compliment to the 4000’s stylish narrow profile. “With its deep door glass, side windows and wide lower windscreen, the 4000 has excellent all-round visibility,” Steve says. “The windscreen is almost vertical, which reduces heat absorption, while the opening rear three-quarter windows can be opened for natural ventilation if desired. An optional fixed roof window improves visibility for loader work.”

The suspended driver’s seat swivels 50 degrees to the right and 20 degrees left, allowing the operator to easily keep an eye on equipment. Beside this is a full-size training seat. The colour touch-screen terminal provides intuitive and simple control of all key functions. The ‘headland turn assist’ feature stores control sequences for up to five different implements (with up to 15 steps in each) for simpler headland turns.

Creature comforts include a cool box, mouldings for a lunch box and flask, MP3 and Bluetooth connectivity and automatic climate control. Other options include LED lighting and GPS guidance.

JCB is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of construction, agricultural and materials handling equipment.

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