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New four-rotor swathers have 15 metre reach

Published on 08 November 2021

CLAAS’ next generation four-rotor LINER swathers have been redesigned from the ground up to optimise productivity and forage quality. Available in four models with working widths from 9.3 to 15 m, they incorporate numerous features, including telescopic arms, excellent ground contouring, ease of operation and a low transport height.

CLAAS Harvest Centre General Manager – Product, Tim Needham, says the telescopic arms extend and retract via a patented three-stage system for rapid adjustment of the working width. “Depending on the model, the width of each swath can be adjusted from 1.3 to 2.5 m and the overall working width from 3.4 to 4.9 m,” he says.

“In the TREND configuration, swath width is adjusted manually using a simple spring-loaded lever. Likewise, raking height can quickly adjusted using the crank handle on each rotor. In the BUSINESS configuration, working width, swath width and rotor lift are all hydraulically controlled using the ISOBUS-compatible terminal inside the cab.”

Each model is equipped with four equal-sized rotors that operate at the same speed. “This enables optimal interplay between the wide-raking front rotors and the rear rotors, which handle a larger volume of forage, to ensure maximum throughput, uniform swathing and minimal contamination,” Tim says.

Each rotor drive assembly is continuously-lubricated and hermetically sealed for maintenance-free operation. Friction clutches protect each rotor against overload and allow work to continue non-stop even during load peaks. CLAAS claims the mechanically-driven rotors have 50% more raking force than hydraulic drives.

The shaft speed in the two gearboxes on the main frame has been reduced from 540 to 350 rpm. The freewheel of the drive shaft is positioned directly inside each gearbox, enabling the rotors to rotate freely in transport position. The enormous cross-section of the main frame, combined with its trapezoid profile, absorbs forces evenly for exceptional stability. The control block, electronics module and hydraulic valves are located inside the chassis, where they are well protected.

On TREND models, each rotor is supported by a four-wheel chassis as standard, while BUSINESS variants have the six-wheel chassis and wider tyres. The wheels are positioned as close to the circle of rotation of the tines as possible to optimise ground contact and smooth rotor guidance.

All models provide generous ground clearance and a large clearance height.

“The upgraded floating cardan suspension system enables the rotors to move in three dimensions as they are pulled across the field,” Tim says. “Only 20 percent of the weight is applied to the front rotor wheels, enabling optimum ground-contour following by the rotors. The front and rear rotors can be raised and lowered in succession by sequential control. The rear rotor wheels touch down first, which prevents the tines from digging in and damaging the grass sward.”

The patented rotor guidance system with dual springs ensures smooth rotational movement and outstanding ground-contour following, even at high ground speeds or on slightly uneven ground. The 1240 mm diameter main frame tyres ensure easy turning on headlands and transport speeds of up to 40 km/h.

The 57 mm diameter tine arms are firmly attached by a 20-spline shaft and secured with a bracket. “Inserting and removing the tine arms is quick and very straightforward,” Tim says. “The integrated pre-defined bending point provides optimum protection for the rotor housing. In the event of a collision, they can be quickly replaced.” Each arm is fitted with four 9.5 mm dual tines, which are secured via a bolt. “Each pair of tines is offset by 10 degrees to help lift the crop from the ground,” Tim says. “This design ensures gentle and effective raking performance and optimal swath formation.”

Despite its impressive reach, all four-rotor LINER swathers fold neatly to a 4 m transport height without having to remove the tine arms. “The machine can be folded into transport position and unfolded into working position in a matter of seconds without having to leave the tractor, significantly reducing set-up times,” Tim says. “The front rotor suspension automatically locks in transport position for smooth road travel.” The transport width remains below 3 m and the rear light arms can be folded inwards to negotiate narrow entrances. The rear light arms can be folded inwards to negotiate narrow entrances. The new two-point hitch has maximum turning angle of 80 degrees, allowing tight turning manoeuvres.

A semi-automatic stand and parking bracket with colour-coded hydraulic hose connections simplifies attachment and removal to the tractor.

CLAAS LINER four-rotor swathers


LINER Working Width Rotor Diameter Tine Arms Per Rotor
LINER 4900 BUSINESS 10.1 - 15.0 m 3800 mm 14
LINER 4800 BUSINESS 9.3 - 13.6 m 3500 mm 12
LINER 4800 TREND 9.3 - 13.6 m 3500 mm 12
LINER 4700 TREND 9.3 - 12.7 m 3300 mm 12
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