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Published on 08 January 2019

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CATEGORY-LEADING productivity and versatility aside, JCB’s all-new Fastrac 8330 is now officially the fastest production tractor on the market with a legal road speed of 70 km/h. Sporting sharp new styling, it boasts a new 335 hp Tier 4 engine, continuously variable transmission, all-round suspension, hydrostatic dual steering, four wheel disc brakes with ABS and a deluxe Command Plus cab.

CLAAS Harvest Centre Product Manager – JCB, Steve Gorman, says the new flagship of the 25-year-old Fastrac range continues to rewrite the rulebooks. “The 8330 is the fastest, most powerful and most versatile tractor yet released by JCB,” he says.

“Everything about it is designed to maximise productivity, whether it’s heavy cultivation at 7 km/h, GPS-guided spraying and spreading operations at 40 km/h or hauling fully-laden spreaders, sprayers and wagons at road speeds up to 70 km/h.” Its 8.4-litre AGCO six-cylinder engine delivers 14 percent more power and 10 percent more torque.

A twin turbocharger delivers quick responses when the operator requires increased power. Its rated power is 335 hp, rising to 348 hp under full load. Peak torque is 1440 Nm at 1500 rpm, which gives the tractor even greater ability to ‘hang on’ as conditions become more challenging.

The two-range continuously variable transmission has six modes of action, including an ‘active traction’ function that helps to maintain grip during heavy draft applications. This system draws information from a radar speed sensor, hydraulics position control and cruise control to manipulate engine torque and maintain traction for the most cost-efficient performance.

The enhanced control software ensures the engine and transmission work as an integrated driveline even more effectively and efficiently. The improved cruise control function ensures optimum use of power and torque, with seamless acceleration, power delivery and ultra-fine speed control to suit every operation.

The Powershift mode has 15 speeds for field work and 10 for road use. The new hydrostatic dual steering system, which replaces the power-assisted mechanical system found on previous Fastrac models, provides easy and precise steering both in the field and on the road. It comprises two hydrostatic systems using an advanced control valve to continuously monitor pressures and flows in both systems.


“The 8330 is the fastest, most powerful and most versatile tractor yet released by JCB”

It provides ‘failsafe’ steering, even in the event of hydraulic or engine failure. The selectable ‘rapid steer’ function reduces the number of turns lock-to-lock to just two for fast and easy headland turns less than 10 km/h. Fastrac 8330 has a unique 50:50 weight distribution over both axles, which can be set to achieve a three metre track width for controlled traffic and row crop applications.

The active rear suspension system quickly responds to the weight of rear- or deck-mounted implements to maintain stability, while the robust coil spring and damper suspension on the front axle contributes to the Fastrac’s incomparable ride. The addition of up to 1600 kg of weights on the rear deck can further improve traction on soft ground.

Fastrac 8330 stops 15 percent quicker than any conventional tractor, thanks to external disc brakes and powerful twin callipers on all four wheels using an air-over-hydraulic system. A ‘failsafe’ function automatically applies the brakes in the event of a loss of pressure. Braking performance is further enhanced by the ABS anti-lock system for both the tractor and implement. A transmission disc park brake holds the tractor securely and applies the air brakes to the trailer, tanker or spreader.

Its purpose-designed chassis provides multiple options for mounting implements. The load deck has a 2.5 tonne capacity, which depending on the weight of implements, can be loaded to exploit the tractor’s 16 tonne maximum gross vehicle weight. The powerful Category III rear hitch lifts a genuine 10,000 kg to handle big ploughs, cultivators and mounted drills and has an integrated two-speed PTO (540 E or 1000 rpm).

For added productivity, the 8330 can be equipped with an optional Category II integrated front hitch capable of lifting 3500 kg and PTO (1000 rpm). A separate hydraulic circuit with six double-acting electric spool valves provides a flow rate of up to 140 L/min, easily meeting the high demands of implements, such as air drills. The high-lift bonnet and fold-out cooling system make it easy to service. The fuel, AdBlue and hydraulic oil fillers are all on the same side.

The batteries, isolator and brake fluid reservoirs are accessed from a panel behind the right-hand cab steps. The mid-mounted Command Plus cab is the largest on the market and is designed to optimise operator comfort and practicality. The forward-raked ‘A’ pillars allow bigger, easy-access doors. The deep door glass, near-vertical windscreen and rear three-quarter opening windows ensure good all-round visibility.

The high-spec air seat can swivel up to 50 degrees right and 20 degrees left, allowing the operator to comfortably monitor rear-mounted or trailed equipment. The steering wheel can be adjusted for reach and angle without impeding visibility. The folding seat back of the full-size instructor’s seat provides a handy flat surface for lunch breaks or making notes. Other creature comforts include climate control air conditioning and an optional cool box and roof window.

The seat-mounted console, which includes a built-in armrest, houses the most-frequently used controls. Less frequently-used controls are arranged logically on the right-hand cab pillar within easy reach. All essential functions are controlled using a colour touch screen terminal that features large icons and intuitive navigation for easy ‘finger-tap’ adjustment.

The operator can adjust all of the major tractor functions, PTO, diff lock and 4WD cut-outs or the timing and flow of the electronic spool valves with just a few simple taps of the screen. The Headland Turn Assist function allows up to five sequences, each with up to 15 steps, to be created and saved.

JCB is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of construction, industrial and agricultural equipment, including wheeled loaders, telehandlers, telescopic wheeled loaders and tractors. The CLAAS Harvest Centre network has proudly represented JCB in New Zealand since 1994.

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