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Carrier 925-1225

Disc Cultivator

Extreme capacity.

The CARRIER 925-1225 is a robust trailed cultivator with high working speed and capacity and low capital cost per hectare.


Conical disc for better agronomy

The conical shape of the disc produces fine tilth and mixes residues evenly. The shape also ensures that the same working angle is maintained irrespective of wear and working depth. The vertical attack angle prevents cultivation pans and keeps stones in the soil.


One pass capacity

Equipped with a crushing and levelling CrossBoard, the CARRIER 925 is able to turn any ploughed land into a seedbed in one pass. The CARRIER 1225 has a working width of 12.25m and the x-disc layout means the machine will always run dead straight behind the tractor.

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45 Ron Guthrey Road, Avonhead
Christchurch 8042, New Zealand
PO Box 16130, Christchurch 8441

0800 4 CLAAS

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45 Ron Guthrey Road, Avonhead
Christchurch 8042, New Zealand
PO Box 16130, Christchurch 8441

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