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Combine Attachments


Combine Attachments

Combine Harvester Attachments

Meeting diverse harvesting requirements.

The wide range of CLAAS combine harvesters offer you the right machine for every job. The harvesting process starts with the front attachment and only the right one will allow your machine to work effectively and perform to the highest standard.


VARIO Cutterbars

The new generation of VARIO cutterbars is the first choice for harvesting grain or rapeseed. It is ideally suited to deliver high performance and high area output, whether operating in low or high yield output. The ability to adjust the VARIO cutterbar table ensures an optimal crop flow at all times and an increase in total machine performance of up to 10%.

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CONVIO Draper Cutterbars

Draper cutterbars are used for low-growing and low-fruiting stalk crops or difficult conditions which may necessitate very low cutting. The flexible cutterbar table ensures optimal ground contour following, even with large widths, while the belts make for a gentle and even crop flow.

Bruce Rankin

Branch Manager

Bruce Rankin

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Vaughn Carson

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Sales Representative

Glenn Davidson

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JAGUAR Forager Attachments

Forage Harvester Attachments

Built to meet the challenge.  With their versatile range of front attachments, the JAGUAR is designed to harvest a diverse array of crops around the world.



Combine Harvester attachments

Soil protection increases yields. The large contact areas of the crawler track systems for combine harvesters, forage harvesters and tractors help protect the soil.

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