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CARGOS 9600-9400

Loader Wagon

The great all-rounder. Master of efficiency.

Equipped with the latest innovations, this wagon is ideally suited for shared farming operations and large farms.


Matchless additional transport capacity

With a gross vehicle weight rating of up to 34 tonnes, the CARGOS 9000 models beat just about every other dual-purpose wagon for efficiency hands down.

The CARGOS 9000 can also be equipped with platform gate extensions. These are easy to attach and can be retrofitted at any time. The platform gate extensions increase the load capacity of any of the three models by 2.5 m3.


In-field weight measurement

The CARGOS 9000 is available with maximum load volumes of 50, 44 and 38 m3. And comes equipped with in-field weight measurement technology. This is ideal for farmers who keep a close eye on the comparative productivity of different farm areas. Total weight and payload weight are displayed to an accuracy of within +/-1%.


9600 9500 9400
Load volume (m3)
Load volume (m3)
47.5 - 502 41.5 - 442 35.5 - 382
Load volume with medium compression (m3)
Load volume with medium compression (m3)
95 - 1002 83 - 882 71 - 762

2 With platform gate extension

Bruce Rankin

Branch Manager

Bruce Rankin

027 809 8384

Vaughn Carson

Sales Representative

Vaughn Carson

027 223 3365

Glenn Davidson

Sales Representative

Glenn Davidson

027 223 3363

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