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Trioliet Solomix VLL-S Range

Mixer Wagon

Feeding with perfect precision.

The VLL-S range of mixer wagons from TRIOLIET are the newest range available in New Zealand.


Better performance

The optimum auger shape of the Twin Stream auger result in a quick and homogenous mixing action at a low power requirement. Even and quick discharge caused by the two symmetrical dispenser arms.


Less resistance, less fuel

The patented shape of the auger knives reduces the resistance, saving fuel. The Trioform auger knives are also self-sharpening and the special shape means a higher strength and long life.

Bruce Rankin

Branch Manager

Bruce Rankin

027 809 8384

Vaughn Carson

Sales Representative

Vaughn Carson

027 223 3365

Glenn Davidson

Sales Representative

Glenn Davidson

027 223 3363

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