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XERION 5000-4000

431 hp to 524 hp

We believe that size is everything, provided that it can also do everything.

CLAAS XERION tractors are a perfect example of this, delivering an impressive engine output of up to 530 hp which it uses extremely efficiently thanks to a range of intelligent systems. Four driven, equal-sized wheels reliably transfer this power to the ground.


Full power

The latest 6-cylinder in-line engines from Mercedes-Benz meet emissions standard Stage IV (Tier 4). In addition to highly sophisticated technology, they offer a wealth of impressive benefits:

  • High torque even at low engine speeds
  • Torque is consistent over a wide engine speed range
  • Compliant with Stage IV (Tier 4) emissions standard simply by using SCR technology

Fast maintenance

The XERION is highly impressive when it comes to its very minimal maintenance requirements. The servicing interval for transmission, hydraulic and axle oils, for instance, is 1,500 hours. When maintenance does become due, it can be carried out quickly and effortlessly. The engine oil filter is positioned within the full frame for easy access.


5000 4500 4200
6 6 6
Cubic capacity
Cubic capacity
12.8 12.8 10.7
Nominal engine speed (rpm)
Nominal engine speed (rpm)
1900 1900 1900
Rated output (ECE R 120) (kW/hp)
Rated output (ECE R 120) (kW/hp)
374/509 353/480 337/458
Max. Output (ECE R 120) (kW/hp)
Max. Output (ECE R 120) (kW/hp)
390/530 360/490 340/462
Max. torque (Nm)
Max. torque (Nm)
2600 2400 2200
Bruce Rankin

Branch Manager

Bruce Rankin

027 809 8384

Vaughn Carson

Sales Representative

Vaughn Carson

027 223 3365

Glenn Davidson

Sales Representative

Glenn Davidson

027 223 3363


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