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New tractor optimisation system reduces soil compaction

Published on 27 June 2022

CLAAS has incorporated a new function that helps to prevent soil compaction into its award-winning CEMOS for Tractors machine optimisation system.

The new Terranimo function predicts the risk of soil compaction caused by the tractor and its implement at three different layers – and then recommends the correct tyre pressure, ballast and machine settings to minimise this impact. Developed by a number of leading agricultural research institutes in Europe, the system incorporates algorithms that are based on decades of accumulated expertise.

CLAAS Harvest Centre General Manager – Product, Tim Needham, says CEMOS for Tractors is an interactive driver assistance program that helps to optimise work productivity and efficiency. “CEMOS helps to set up your tractor and implement according to the operating conditions,” he says. “At the start of a job, the operator enters information about the tractor, the implement and soil conditions into the touchscreen terminal. “This data includes tyre type, ballasting, working depth, soil type and soil moisture. CEMOS then recommends the correct pressure for the front and rear tyres and front and rear ballast for optimal productivity and efficiency whilst protecting soil structure.”

During operation, CEMOS monitors the tractor’s engine, transmission and rear linkage settings and makes suggestions to improve productivity or fuel efficiency. The operator can then decide to apply or reject these recommendations. The driver also receives instantaneous feedback on the effect of any changes to the tractor-implement combination.

Tim says the CEMOS for Tractors can improve the efficiency of all operators. “Independent testing conducted by the German Agricultural Society found CEMOS can increase work rate by up to 16.3 percent or reduce fuel consumption by up to 16.8 percent,” he says. “In these tests, eight out of the ten highly-experienced participants were able to reduce their fuel consumption whilst increasing throughput. Other practical benefits include reduced tyre and implement wear, operating costs and carbon footprint. In effect, CEMOS helps you to utilise the full potential of your CLAAS tractor – and achieve significant savings over its lifetime.”

CEMOS for Tractors is available with all AXION and ARION models equipped with the CEBIS operating system.

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