AD-P Super

Seed Drill & Cart

AD-P Super pneumatic Pack Top sowing combination in working widths of 3 m and 4 m.

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AD-P Super

Seed Drill & Cart

AD-P Super pneumatic Pack Top sowing combination in working widths of 3 m and 4 m.


The AD-P Super pneumatic pack top combination, in working widths of 3 m and 4 m, is absolutely ideal for farm sizes of between 200 and 500 hectares or for agricultural contractors.

Benefits with an AD-P Super

- Work rates of more than 3 ha/h from a working width of just 3 m
- Very large seed hopper
- High Forward speeds
- Unrestricted flexibility following the plough or when mulch sowing
- Compact design – optimised lift capacity requirement
- Up to 55 kg coulter pressure on the RoTeC pro coulter

Large hopper, stable frame
The filling times are reduced thanks to the large seed hopper. The capacity of the basic 1500 litre hopper can be increased to 2000 l by adding an extension. The clear, simple frame concept of the AD-P Super with its integrated roller and coulter fixing frame helps to save weight and to increase the robustness.  

Compact design – modular build system
By combining the seed drill and the packer roller the AD-P Super is extremely compact. Due to this compact design, with favourable centre of gravity, the superbly robust seed drill combination requires a comparatively low lifting power. The components are close coupled to the tractor. Less load on the tractor rear wheels also reduces the depth of any wheel marks.

Sits directly on the packer roller
The AD-P Super is carried completely on the large diameter wedge ring roller or tooth packer roller,  enabling the rotary harrow or the rotary cultivator to lift out over stones without the necessity to lift the roller and seed drill.  This saves on damage to the tines and also the drive components of the soil tillage implement.

AD-P Super


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