Seed Drill & Cart

For agricultural contractors and large farms in working widths of 4, 5 and 6 m.

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Seed Drill & Cart

For agricultural contractors and large farms in working widths of 4, 5 and 6 m.



  • Good exploitation of the tractor’s mounting points
  • Even ballasting of the tractor axles
  • Excellent manoeuvrability on the road and in the field
  • Quick changeover times between individual fields further increases profitability


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The rotary cultivators, in 4, 5 and 6 m working widths, fold hydraulically down to a 3 m transport width and are suitable for tractors up to 265 kW (360 HP). 

The compact design of the particularly robust folding rotary cultivator allows high output use even in smaller fields.

The main gearbox of the folding rotary cultivator is equipped with a 3-speed lever change for rapid adjustment of the tine speed to different soils and working intensities. 

Optimum weight distribution
Within a few minutes the front tank and rear combination are mounted on and off the tractor without tools. The seed tubes are fitted down the side of the tractor with the aid of brackets that remain there, even when the Avant has been dismounted. By means of quick-fit locking devices, the seed tubes from the front tank and the rear combination are easily reconnected. The front tank is coupled on to the front hydraulic linkage and the hydraulic couplings are plugged in to the tractor. The same procedure is carried out at the rear: the rotary cultivator is coupled on to the lower links, the top link connected and the hydraulic hoses plugged in. That just leaves the data cable to be connected to the AMATRON 3 and the sowing operation can start. On the 6 m Avant with electric metering drive switching off half the working width is possible.

Uncluttered view ahead and to the rear
The front mounted seed hopper has been designed to be wide and low so as not to obstruct the driver's view. The same applies to the visibility to the rear, where the lack of a seed hopper makes for an uncluttered view of the rear mounted implements.

Metering system on the seed tank
The star wheel on the seed tank provides a safe drive of the metering system. As optional equipment fully electric AMATRON 3 seed rate adjustment is available. Alternatively the electric metering drive via AMATRON 3 is used. In this way the seed rate control and the fully automatic calibration is possible.



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