Large area seed drill

The Cayena tine sowing machine is designed for fast sowing operation with or without preceding soil tillage. 6 m working width.

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Large area seed drill

The Cayena tine sowing machine is designed for fast sowing operation with or without preceding soil tillage. 6 m working width.


The new modern Cayena tine seeder is designed for rapid sowing, with or without prior soil tillage. Its strength shows through, especially on hard and stony soils, and in dry regions where normal coulters fail. No matter whether for coarse, medium or fine seeds, for mulch sowing, for sowing in ploughed ground or into stubbles, with its 6 metre working width, the Cayena proves its enormous efficiency. With operational speeds of up to 15 km/h and a 3,600 litre seed tank, the Cayena offers huge potential for maximum daily outputs.  

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TineTeC coulters
The new TineTeC coulters optimise the acreage output on hard soils. 36 tine coulters, 16 cm row spacing – the coulters on the Cayena are arranged in a three row stagger on the main frame and allow an excellent through-flow of plant residues and stones, despite their close spacing.

Benefits of the TineTeC coulters
Thanks to their extremely narrow shape the hard metal armoured coulters of the Cayena easily penetrate the soil and move only a little soil – minimising the loss of soil moisture when sowing. The narrow coulter shape offers additional decisive advantages: The pulling power requirement of the Cayena is low and the wear of the coulters is reduced to a minimum and, in spite of its large working width of 6 metres, the Cayena can be operated with tractors from just 100 kW/136 HP.

Overload and stone safety device
Special rubber spring elements optimise the adaptation of the coulters to the ground contours, even on hard ground. They also act as an overload protection and stone release function and allow the tines to give way in three dimensions. The slight vibration of the tines in work free the coulters of organic matter, without adversely affecting the placement quality of the seed.

"On grip" tines
The narrow TineTeC coulters of the Cayena are arranged “on grip” and pull themselves automatically into the soil. As the machine is supported via the tractor’s lower links and the wedge ring tyre roller in the rear, the downward pull of the tines is limited. In this way a permanent, even placement depth of the seed, irrespective of the fill level of the seed tank is ensured. The two half-side setting elements allow a central, quick and safe adjustment of the sowing depth.

Exact following harrow
Following the seed placement the exact harrow III-S covers the seed furrow with loose soil and levels the soil. The covering intensity of the harrow can be also adjusted centrally.



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