Large area seed drill

 The direct seed drill designed specifically for use in stubble in working widths of 12 and 15 m.

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Large area seed drill

 The direct seed drill designed specifically for use in stubble in working widths of 12 and 15 m.


The AMAZONE Condor is the ideal machine for operation in arable farming systems where there has been a minimum of prior soil tillage and in direct sowing. Especially in large arable areas, where time and soil moisture are the limiting factors, the Condor stands for high work rates, precision and water conservation. The low pulling power requirement in relation to its working width just helps significantly in reducing the financial costs inthese most extensive arable farming systems. 

The machine concept of the Condor has been developed to meet the demand for further reductions in sowing intensity in the wider working widths of more than 9 m, with a wide row spacing and minimally invasive seed placement. The seed drill is offered in working widths of 12 and 15 m. With the exceptional folding concept, it is also possible for the Condor, from its working width of 15 m, to fold in to a remarkable transport width of only 3 m.

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The ConTeC pro coulter system
The innovative "ConTeC pro" coulter is characterised by its accurate following of the ground undulations due to the following packer wheel. As well as the correct depth control, this provides reconsolidation, which is so important in dry regions in order to achieve optimum contact between seed and soil. For the flexible operation in anysoil conditions four versions of packer wheels are available for the Condor.

Also on the Condor, AMAZONE relies on an individually depth guided tine coulter. When opening the seed furrow, the narrow ConTeC pro coulter  moves little soil, so that the valuable soil moisture remains in the soil, however it provides sufficient fine soil to ensure the optimum seed/soil contact.

Straw is safely cleared from the seed furrow, preventing the "hairpinning-effect" which is the pressing of straw by the coulter into the sowing slit.

Two coulter tips are available for the ConTeC pro coulter system. For most soils the coulter tip with 68° angle of attack ensures the best penetration into the soil and thus placement depth is well maintained. Under very hard conditions, the coulter tip with the shallower 50° angle of attack, which gives an increased penetration into the soil, is utilised.

The coulter tips are equipped with a hard metal layer, ensuring a long service lift, even under the most arduous of conditions.



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