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Performance to Mow Like a Pro

Published on 19 October 2020

CLAAS announce the release of six brand-new side-mounted rear mowers pitched firmly at owner-operators.

Available in working widths from 2.2 to 3.4 m, all models incorporate CLAAS’ award-winning MAX CUT cutterbar, which has been progressively introduced across the entire range of DISCO mowers over the past five years.

The DISCO series spans more than 30 front-mounted, rear-mounted and trailed models with operating widths from 2.6 metres through to 10.7 m.

CLAAS Harvest Centre General Manager of Product – Tim Needham, says the MAX CUT cutterbar features a wave-shaped mower bed press-formed from a single piece of material. “This unique design has become synonymous with cutting quality, operational efficiency and reliability,” he says.

“MAX CUT combines the benefits of both the inline and satellite cutterbars. “The cutting disc is positioned further forward on the cutterbar, ensuring the largest possible overlap between each disc for optimal cutting quality under all conditions. “In addition, the SAFETY LINK module drive is connected to two drive gears, engaging with several teeth at each drive gear for maximum security, reliability and quiet, efficient operation.”

The MAX CUT mower bed is equipped with the SAFETY LINK safety module as standard and quick blade-change system.


“In the event of a collision, the module shears at a pre-determined breaking point but the cutting disc is held in the module by an axial bolt and cannot fly off,” Tim says. “The safety module can be replaced easily and quickly. “The special shape of the skids and the large channel between them creates a dirt-repelling tunnel effect for clean harvesting. “The bolted design of the mower bed and permanent lubrication of all drive components simplify maintenance and guarantee dimensional stability and longevity.”

The new side-mounted models incorporate a number of other features for maximum efficiency, including centre-of-gravity hitching. “This system ensures that the mower bed has a uniform contact pressure over the entire working width, similar to centre-mounted mowers,” Tim says.

“The line of force of the suspension spring runs exactly through the centre of gravity of the mower unit. “These units can angle up to 45 degrees upwards and 20 degrees downwards.”

All models feature a host of smart features for easy maintenance, easy transport and safe storage.

The new models include the entry-level DISCO 24, 28 and 32 models, which working widths from 2.2 to 3.0 m. “These three DISCO 10 mowers feature professional technology found on larger units, including the MAX CUT cutterbar and a double gearbox,” he says.

“They are extremely sturdy despite their lightweight design. “As is the case with previous models, the power flow is directly fed into the inner mowing disc from above, which means that no inner shoe is required and efficiency is increased.

“The powerful belt drive can be tensioned without tools using a rotary knob. “The PTO shaft speed can be reduced from 540 to 480 rpm in light crops or when topping, which significantly reduces fuel consumption.”

The mechanical break-out mechanism immediately responds to collisions and releases the mower bed to the rear and then automatically re-engages when reset. The wide opening of the protective covers allows easy access to the entire working width of the mower bed for easy blade changing and maintenance. The unit folds to an extremely narrow transport position of 95 degrees.

Various mounting options, including the Quickhitch mounting frame, and the lower attachment of the left-hand lower link pin make mounting on the tractor easier.

Another three models, with working widths from 2.2 to 3.4 m, have been added to the DISCO 100 series. “Again, these models again have the new mechanical centre of gravity and suspension springs that are adjustable without tools,” Tim says.

“The new transport folding to 105 degrees ensures safe transport, even with lighter tractors. “The field of vision of the tractor’s rear-view mirrors is not restricted by the mowing unit and the rear lights are not obscured. “The new double-acting hydraulic ram ensures a reliable and safe folding process even on hilly ground and end position dampening.”

The new compact CLAAS DISCO series can be ordered from November onwards for spring 2021 delivery.

The centre-of-gravity hitching ensures that the mower bed has a uniform contact pressure over the entire working width, similar to centre-mounted mowers.

• The side-mounted rear mowers can angle 45 degrees upwards and 20 degrees downwards.

• DISCO 100 mowers are available in working widths of 2.2 to 3.4 m and can be fitted with a roller or tine conditioner.

• It is extremely easy to access the maintenance-free MAX CUT mower bed thanks to the wide swing-out protective covers.

• The mower bed of the DISCO 100 mower units swivels up 105 degrees for high visibility and stability during transport.

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