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Supporting technology

Your local CLAAS Harvest Centre supports the wide range of agricultural technology found on CLAAS, AMAZONE and our other leading farm machinery brands. These include automatic steering, remote monitoring, machine optimisation, section control, variable application and yield mapping systems.

CLAAS Technology

CLAAS steering systems

CLAAS offers a comprehensive range of optical and satellite-based steering systems, including GPS COPILOT and GPS PILOT automatic steering systems. These are operated using the standard 178 mm (7”) high-resolution touchscreen S7 terminal or optional 264 mm (10.4”) high-resolution touchscreen S10 terminal, which incorporates additional functions and control options.

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It is an established fact that output varies by up to 40% between drivers, even in the same conditions. CLAAS CEMOS AUTOMATIC continuously monitors and adjusts key settings on CLAAS LEXION to achieve optimal throughput, grain quality, fuel efficiency or a balance of all three. The operator can make manual adjustments or deactivate the system at any time.

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CLAAS AUTO FILL automatically regulates the loading of forage harvesting transport vehicles. It uses 3D digital image analysis to determine the fill volume, vehicle edges and point of entry to regulate the longitudinal and transverse position of the discharge spout to ensure optimum filling. It can be used day or night.

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CLAAS TELEMATICS remote monitoring is now standard on all LEXION, JAGUAR, XERION and AXION models. It allows authorised personnel to view machine location, operating status, machine settings, processing data and service functions from remote locations via desktop, mobile, tablet or smart phone. This information can be used to optimise machine performance and overall workflow efficiency. Data can be downloaded or exported for further analysis.

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Precision farming

Precision farming includes a range of systems designed to provide differentiated, targeted management of agricultural land. It seeks to modify the application of agricultural inputs according to identified differences in soil or crop characteristics within a paddock to optimise yield potential.

LEXION and JAGUAR can be equipped with yield mapping. CEBIS MOBILE allows variable rate application. It is a fully ISOBUS-compatible terminal that enables monitoring of key operating functions on ISOBUS-compatible tractors, self-propelled machines and implements.

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AMAZONE Technology

AMAZONE 3 controller

The AMAZONE 3 is the standard controller for all AMAZONE spreaders, sprayers, drills and other ISOBUS-compatible implements. This intuitive and easy to use terminal features a high contrast, anti-glare display, back-lit keys, easy to recognise symbols and intuitive controls that can be configured for different user profiles. The toggle switch controls up to 24 functions. Optional task controllers include Optional GPS-Track guidance, GPS-Switch headland and section control and GPS-Maps variable application systems.

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CANTERBURY ARABLE FARMERS now have ready access to spent mushroom compost as a nutrient-rich source of organic fertiliser following the establishment of a commercial spreading service.

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