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Big discs give the edge in heavy stubble

Published on 29 June 2018

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Big discs give the edge in heavy stubble

AMAZONE has extended its range of Catros disc harrows with the introduction of its heavy-duty linkage-mounted XL series. Available in 3, 3.5 and 4 metre widths and equipped with 610 mm serrated discs, these high performance cultivators are capable of working down to 16 cm.

CLAAS Harvest Centre Product Manager - AMAZONE, Blair McAlwee, says the XL series fills the gap between AMAZONE’s Catros Plus and Certos trailed cultivators. “Catros Plus is equipped with 510 mm discs and is suitable for working down to depths of 14 cm, while the heavy-duty Certos is fitted with 660 mm discs and is capable of working down to 20 cm,” he says.


“Catros XL fits nicely between the two. “Its increased disc size, wide row spacing and open frame design ensures passage of crop residue, making it ideal for incorporating heavy cereal, maize or potato stubble. “The disc stagger of 12.5 cm and steep 17-degree angle of attack on the front row of discs and 14-degree angle on the rear row ensure the perfect incorporation of organic matter and cultivation.”

With an operational speed of 12 to 18 km/h, the Catros XL achieves high work rates and fuel efficiency. “Independent tests conducted by DLG in Germany showed fuel consumption was about 4 L/ha when cultivating to a medium depth of about 6 cm and even less for seed bed preparation,” Blair says.

Working depth is adjusted via manual spindles or an optional hydraulic system. “When re-adjusting the working depth, the link arm connection between the first and the second disc row ensures that both gangs of discs work at the same depth,” Blair says.

Catros XL can be fitted with coarse-serrated convex discs, which are recommended for stubble incorporation, or finely-serrated discs to produce a finely-crumbled seedbed at shallower operation.

Like all AMAZONE passive cultivators, each disc is mounted to the shank via a maintenance-free, oil-immersed bearing, while each shank is mounted to the frame via a solid rubber mounting. “This design has been proven over several hundred thousand operating hours throughout the world,” Blair says.

Catros XL can be combined with ten different rollers to ensure optimum soil reconsolidation according operating conditions and soil type. Catros XL is equipped with individually-adjustable side discs that can be folded in for road transport. The Catros XL range of cultivators will be available in New Zealand & Australia in spring 2018.

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