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Fast, accurate and user-friendly - the all new AMAZONE Precea Precision Air Seeder

Published on 27 November 2019

AMAZONE claims its new Precea precision air seeder delivers fast, accurate and user-friendly operation, even at operating speeds of up to 20 km/h!

The new series comprises the rigid-framed 3000 model with 75 cm row spacing and the telescopic 4500-2 model that allows row spacing from 45 cm to 80 cm. A third option, the Precea 3000-A configuration, enables the seeding unit to be mounted to AMAZONE’s popular KX or KG rotary cultivators, enabling one-pass seedbed preparation and sowing.

CLAAS Harvest Centre Product Manager – AMAZONE, Steve Gorman, says the new series, which will be available in New Zealand from next spring, is ideal for sowing maize. “Precea boasts a new pressurised seed metering unit,” he says. “The seed flows out of the seed hopper and is pressed against the holes of the singling disc.

“Excess seeds are stripped off by three adjustable fingers to eliminate ‘doubles’.  “An optical seed monitor indicates ‘misses’ or ‘doubles’ on the terminal in the tractor, allowing the operator to adjust the singling process. “The optional SmartControl system adjusts the singling process automatically.”

Steve says the mechanical Speed Shaft drive system, fitted as standard on all models, allows operating speeds up to 12 km/h without any compromise in accuracy. “AMAZONE’s innovative Flex-shaft drive outperforms comparable systems by up to 25 percent,” he says.

“All the components are lubricated for life so the drive is also very maintenance-friendly. “By comparison, chain drives tend to oscillate at high speeds and can have a negative effect on longitudinal distribution.”

The optional ElectricDrive option, which can be controlled via any ISOBUS terminal such as AMAZONE’s AmaTron 4 or AmaPad 2 units, enables operating speeds of up to 20 km/h. “The seeding rate can be easily adjusted on the terminal to increase the seeding rate in marginal rows or specific areas in the field using application maps,” Steve says. “Individual rows can also be shut off to create tramlines or along wedge-shaped fields or tapering headlands.”

All models feature the PreTeC mulch seeding coulter unit. Soil opening is performed by a double disc unit, including a furrow former. Once the seed has been embedded in the soil by the catcher roller, the V-pressure rollers follow to close up the furrow again. Placement depth and the opening angle of the V-pressure rollers can be easily adjusted without the use of tools. The pressure of each coulter can be adjusted to a maximum 220 kg using the standard mechanical system or to a maximum of 400 kg using the optional hydraulic system.

A range of soil-engaging options, including clod and star clearers to remove clods, stones, straw or crop residue from the seeding area, are available. Steve says the 55 litre airtight seed hoppers can be quickly emptied without the need for tools. “They can also be equipped with a fill level sensor, so that the driver is warned early of low seed reserves,” he says.

Depending on the model, the Precea can also be fitted with a 950 or 1250 L fertiliser bin and optional filling auger. “Once again, fertiliser application rates can easily be changed via the terminal or automatically using application maps,” Steve says. “Calibration is carried out on the operator terminal or using the TwinTerminal on the machine.

“Alternatively, fertiliser metering can be mechanically driven and adjusted manually.” Fertiliser is individually metered for each row and is actively conveyed by an air stream to the double disc fertiliser coulters, ensuring continuous fertiliser feed and avoiding blockages. The fertiliser coulters are also individually adjustable for depth.

All Precea models can be equipped with AMAZONE’s new micro-granular applicator, which enables the accurate metering of micro-nutrients, insecticides or slug pellets. The unit, which has a 17 litre hopper mounted behind the seed hopper, has three different metering rollers and can distribute inputs directly or above in the seed row.

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