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Our Commitment to Sustainable Farming.

We believe that our future lies in providing solutions that have sustainable agriculture at their core. We work hard with our suppliers to source and adapt our products to ensure that we are able to contribute to making agriculture sustainable and provide an enduring legacy for our future generations. Below are just some of the technologies, product features and farming practices our products support that aim to provide a sustainable future.


Engine Technology

We provide our customers with solutions that give equal consideration to the drive train and work system to ensure efficiency throughout the engine system.


Caring for the Land

Healthy and fertile soil is the basis of a good harvest and yield increases necessary for the growing world population have to be produced using the existing land resources.


Precision Farming

Precision placement of sprays and fertilisers helps ensure that product is wasted and only the required level of product is used so there are not excess amounts of spray or fertiliser being emitted into the environment.


The Valleys Project

CLAAS Harvest Centre Director & Founder Herby Whyte spent much of his childhood exploring the bush around his Invercargill home and his ensuing lifetime interest in conservation and birdlife has led to his company becoming the first major corporate funder of the Valleys Conservation Project.


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Our partnerships


Providing training solutions to the Agricultural Industry by utilising specialist agricultural engineers and operators to train on all aspects of machinery operation and H&S.

Ashley Dene Reserach & Development Station

Providing support for the Research completed at Ashley Dene Farm – part of Lincoln University Rural Research.

The Valleys Project

Protecting New Zealand Birdlife through operating significant, cost effective conservation projects controlling pests that affect New Zealand’s native birds.

Industry bodies