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High performance mowing

Published on 13 September 2022

WITH a working width of almost 10 metres, the new DISCO 1010 is billed as the widest-mounted disc mower without a telescopic boom on the market.

CLAAS Harvest Centre General Manager – Product, Tim Needham, says the new unit incorporates a unique vector folding system that enables safe operation and transport. “During transport, the side units are first moved hydraulically into the 120-degree transport position,” he says. “They then pivot slightly backwards via a ram combined with the hydraulic non-stop collision safety device and are automatically locked hydraulically. In its transport position, the mower lies diagonally behind the tractor on the headstock and thus shifts the centre of gravity to the tractor's longitudinal axis. This solution reduces the load on the front axle by about 50%, which greatly improves the tractor’s steering behaviour, especially on lighter tractors that have a shorter wheelbase. Besides reduces the transport height to four metres, this system also reduces tail swing, making it easier to safely negotiate gates, narrow roads or tight bends.”

The main frame and headstock have also been redesigned, with the main gearbox moved slightly to the rear and the angular gearboxes facing the mower beds being slanted by two degrees. “This ensures that the drive shafts work in a straight line, which reduces the noise level and wear,” Tim says.

DISCO 1010 incorporates two award-winning MAX CUT mower beds that deliver exceptional cutting quality and operational efficiency. The mower beds can be operated with a PTO speed of just 850 rpm, reducing fuel consumption by up to 20 percent. Pressed from a single piece of 5 mm thick steel, the unique wave-shaped design enables the cutting discs to be positioned further forwards, improving cutting quality in all conditions.

The special shape of the skids and the large channel between the discs provides a high degree of self-cleaning. “The new wear skids provide another 15 mm more cutting height, minimising pasture damage and reducing the amount of contamination introduced to the crop,” Tim says.

The safety link safety module ensures each cutting disc is protected by a pre-determined breaking point, isolating it from the drive train in the event of contact with a foreign body. An axial bolt holds the cutting disc firmly in place to prevent it flying off if it breaks. The specially-hardened intermediate pieces are shaped differently for the mower discs that converge and diverge for a clean cut and maximum overlap.

The adjustable ACTIVE FLOAT hydraulic suspension ensures mowers adapt perfectly to ground, and turns frictional resistance into rolling resistance. “This system has been tried and tested for more than 15 years and has been proven to reduce forage contamination and wear,” Tim says.

“The contact pressure, which can be independently adjusted on either side for mowing borders and slopes, is displayed on two gauges on the headstock.”

Both booms are equipped with the unique hydraulic non-stop collision protection from CLAAS as standard. “If the mower bed comes into contact with obstacles, the mower bed moves backwards and upwards by 15 degrees,” Tim says. “Oil is pressed from the collision protection into the relief cylinder, which means that the mower bed is additionally relieved, protecting the mower bed from serious damage. The mower bed then automatically swings back into its working position due to the oil pressure.”

MAX CUT mower beds also incorporate CLAAS’ rapid blade-change system. “The caps and mower blades of the clockwise and anti-clockwise rotating mower discs are painted black and red, respectively,” Tim says. “This means replacement blades can be immediately assigned to the appropriate mower discs. The blade box is divided into three compartments for red and black replacement blades and used blades.” The protective covers fold out wide, providing excellent access to the mower beds.

During operation, the side units can be individually raised and lowered using a simple control terminal. Otherwise, a separate oil connection can be supplied for each boom, which allows the individual lift to be integrated into the tractor's headland management system. All greasing points are clearly and permanently marked with the appropriate service intervals.

DISCO 1010 is available in TREND and COMFORT specifications, the latter having load-sensing hydraulics, ISOBUS operation and individual lifting as standard. The DISCO 1010 COMFORT can be parked both in both the working positions and in the transport position after attaching the supports supplied.

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