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New DISCO mowers have all the moves

Published on 04 December 2018

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NEW CLAAS DISCO MOVE 3600 and 3200 mowers can really shake their stuff, with an impressive ‘give’ of up to one metre vertically and 30 degrees laterally allowing them to work with optimal efficiency and safety in even the roughest of paddocks.

Available with mowing widths of 3.4 and 3 m, respectively, the new configurations feature a highly manoeuvrable headstock that allows the mower to move independently from the tractor front linkage.

CLAAS Harvest Centre Product Manager – CLAAS JAGUAR and Greenline, Luke Wheeler, says this high performance specification should to find ready appeal with contractors. 


The headstock includes several proven features found on existing DISCO models, including ACTIVE FLOAT integrated hydraulic suspension and the low pivot point from the PROFIL range.

“ACTIVE FLOAT eliminates the need for suspension spring coupling points on the tractor,” Luke says. “The suspension pressure can be adjusted during operation again using a single-acting hydraulic service.”

The headstock can be coupled either directly to the tractor front linkage or using an a-frame. “The handy adjustment guide allows you to set the front link arms at the right height from the tractor cab,” Luke says. “The front linkage now remains fixed during operation, with the mower raised and lowered via integrated hydraulics. “The convenient Kennfixx hydraulic couplings, which are fitted as standard, can be run on the left or right hand side of the headstock to suit your tractor. “Likewise, the suspension pressure gauge can be mounted on either side for optimum visibility.”


“MOVE has 600 mm of travel up and 400 mm down, making it ideal for uneven fields,” “The mower can also pivot up to 30 degrees laterally, further improving its ability to follow contours or swing backwards to avoid obstacles.”

The drive shafts are low-maintenance, with universal joints that only need lubricating every 250 hours. The DISCO MOVE 3600 and 3200 unit can be configured as a mower only (F) or with a tine conditioner (FC) or roller conditioner (FRC). Other options include hydraulic side covers, foldable lights and warning panel and double wide angle mirrors for improved visibility on the road.

Both units incorporate the award-winning MAX CUT cutterbar. Pressed from a single piece of steel, the unique wave-shaped design enables the cutting discs to be placed further forwards, improving cutting quality in all conditions.

“The special shape of the skids and the large channel between them provides a high degree of self-cleaning,” Luke says. “The bolted design of the mower bed and permanent lubrication of all drive components simplify maintenance and guarantee dimensional stability and longevity.”

When the mower is uncoupled, a parking latch on the headstock locks the kinematics so that the mower can stand securely without additional support. 

CLAAS DISCO MOVE mowers will become available via the CLAAS Harvest Centre network and other selected dealerships from next year.

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