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New SCORPION telehandlers have even more sting

Published on 04 October 2022

CLAAS has given its SCORPION range of high performance agricultural telehandlers a comprehensive upgrade for even greater handling performance, efficiency, comfort and safety.

Developed and manufactured with materials handling specialist, Liebherr, the range now spans six models with a maximum reach of 7 to 9 m and a maximum lift of 3 to 6 tonnes. The entire range is equipped with high torque four-cylinder engines from Deutz.

The 732, 736, 741 and 746 models feature a 136 hp engine that produces a maximum torque of 500 Nm, while the high capacity 756 and 960 models have a 156 hp engine that delivers 609 Nm. CLAAS Harvest Centre Product Specialist – Greenline & SCORPION, Howard McDonald, says the engines are remarkably efficient. “CLAAS utilises two engine management systems to ensure smooth and efficient operation and transport,” he says.

“DYNAMIC POWER regulates the engine speed based on the demand from the hydraulic system, while the SMART ROADING function automatically adjusts the engine speed according to the desired speed and load. Fan speed is automatically adjusted according to engine demand. Air is drawn in at the front and flows around the engine before exiting out the back, while the automatic reversing fan system keeps the radiator assembly clean throughout the day.”

The three smaller models are equipped with the proven VARIPOWER 2 transmission, while the two larger models are fitted with the VARIPOWER PLUS transmission.

“The hydrostatic ground drive accepts the full engine output at any speed so full torque is available in all situations,” Howard says. “The driver can select three driving ranges – 0 to 20 km/h, 0 to 30 km/h and 0 to 40 km/h – with the press of a thumb on the joystick.”

Braking has been further optimised for safe operation on sloping terrain. “The electrohydraulic parking brake is automatically activated if the machine stops, the engine is switched off or if the driver leaves the seat,” Howard says. “Conversely, the parking brake is deactivated whenever the driver’s foot is on the accelerator.”

All models feature end position damping, automatic overload protection and precise control of the working hydraulics to enable stacked goods to be positioned with greater accuracy. The three larger models also feature automatic telescopic boom arm retraction and optional automatic bucket return to optimise loading cycles. The low attachment point for the boom significantly expands the field of view to the right and rear of the machine, as well as lowering the centre of gravity for optimum comfort and safety. All models are equipped with a quick-release headstock and 50 mm diameter locking pins. Different headstocks can be fitted to suit other OEM equipment.

Other options include front and rear hydraulic supply, hydraulic pick-up hitches, counterweights and 500 or 600 mm diameter tyres on larger models.

The revamped cab features a new high-flow air conditioning system, adjustable steering column, automatic indicator reset and steering mode switch. “In addition to the usual front, all-wheel and crab-steering modes, all models can be equipped with the new manual crab-steering mode that allows the front axle to be controlled,” Howard says. “This offers distinct advantages for certain applications, such as compacting silage clamps, moving along the walls of buildings or cleaning out bunkers.”

All the important switches and controls are logically arranged and are easy to operate. The 175 mm colour display allows the operator to see all the important settings, such as speed, steering mode and hydraulic oil level, at a glance.

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