UX 11200

Trailed Sprayer

 With the UX 11200, AMAZONE now offers a 12,000 L sprayer with tandem axle where there is an especially high demand on increased work rates.

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UX 11200

Trailed Sprayer

 With the UX 11200, AMAZONE now offers a 12,000 L sprayer with tandem axle where there is an especially high demand on increased work rates.


  • Huge capacity, actual volume 12,000 litres    
  • Tank design with favourable centre of gravity and only a few baffles for an optimised field and road holding, efficient interior cleaning and minimal residual volumes   
  • Steel profile frame, strong as an ox, with safely routed hoses    
  • Covered, central operator station and Comfort-Pack with automated controls for the utmost comfort 
  • Perfect driving comfort and safe behaviour on the road due to the level regulated hydro-pneumatic axle suspension and SingleTrail self-steering
  • Option: DoubleTrail axle steering for optimum true track following and best manoeuvring ability
  • Safe and superbly strong hitch drawbar with shock load damping for 3 tons support load 
  • Simultaneously superbly strong, yet superbly light and superbly compact sprayer booms with aircraft  design  
  • Latest, operator friendly control chests      

High capacity pump with 900 l suction capacity for quick filling

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The benefits thanks to ISOBUS
All AMAZONE ISOBUS sprayers are certified to UT 2.0 in accordance with the AEF conformity test. This means that these AMAZONE machines can be operated via any terminal which is available on the market that has also been certified according to UT 2.0. In addition, with an ISOBUS compatible SectionControl licence, AMAZONE ISOBUS sprayers can be switched via a third-party ISOBUS terminal.

AMAZONE’s AMATRON 3, CCI 100 and AMAPAD terminals and all AMAZONE ISOBUS machines support the AUX AEF functionality. This means, that, for instance, the keys of an existing AUX-N compatible multi-function joystick can be reprogrammed to suit an individual’s needs. So, any function is there, exactly where the operator wants it to be.

Optimised for field and road
In conjunction with the sprung suspended hitch drawbar, the hydro-pneumatic running gear provides perfect driving comfort. The BPW axles with level regulation as standard permanently adapt to the load status. Possible track widths of between 2 to 2.25 m, wheel diameter up to 1.95 m. 

Due to the air braking system, with integrated ALB regulation, safe road transport is ensured even at 40 km/h. 

Hitch drawbar
Thanks to its high support load of 3 tons, the hitch drawbar in conjunction with the K80 ball hitch makes sure there is good traction for the tractor and a smooth running of the machine. An integrated hydraulic support jack comes as standard. 

The crossover linkage of the suspension cylinders provides a high roll stabilisation for the machine. The enclosed hydraulic system ensures always an equal load distribution to all 4 wheels. 


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