NEW ARION 460-440

You want a tractor that can do exactly what you want it to do - no more and definitely no less. The ARION 400 is exactly what you need. Just the way you want it

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NEW ARION 460-440


A medium - sized tractor designed to be just the way you want it. Superb all round visibility with the PANORAMIC cab. Perfect for front loader work.

CLAAS Tractors | NEW ARION 460-440. Your Benefits.

For CLAAS, consistently meeting the requirements of day-to-day practice is crucial in developing its new machines. The ARION series, too, has been developed on this basis. With their superb driving and operating comfort, flexibility, economic running and reliable engineering, the ARION series has become firmly established on the market.

In developing the ARION 400, CLAAS has met the challenge of adapting the technology of the top performance classes to meet the requirements of farmers looking for a smaller package: proven technology in a compact, modern design in conjunction with premium-range comfort and ergonomics.

A long wheelbase, optimal weight distribution and perfect coordination of the engine and transmission are just some of the benefits of the CLAAS Tractor Concept that give CLAAS its crucial edge over the competition.

Just the way you want it 

In the power sector around 120 hp, in particular, customer requirements, working conditions and applications vary enormously from farm to farm. CLAAS therefore offers a wide range of models and equipment options in the ARION 400 series. Six 4-cylinder models cover the performance segment between 90 and 140 hp.

Customised Performance

Automatic QUADRISHIFT powershift transmission.

  • 16 forward and 16 reverse gears are easily selected with one finger, or can be selected automatically by the QUADRACTIV powershift unit
  • Electrohydraulically operated creep gear range
  • Electrohydraulic operation of PTOs and PTO speed pre-selection
  • Up to three PTO speeds
  • Automatic PTO engagement/disengagement


Full range of equipment options for the hydraulic system.

  • Open hydraulic system with 60 or 98 l/min delivery rate
  • Closed load-sensing system with 110 l/min delivery rate and Power Beyond connections
  • Up to four electronic spool valves at the rear plus two for the front loader
  • Up to three mechanical spool valves at the rear plus two for the front loader
  • Integrated front loader or spool valve control available with the multifunction control lever


Comfort and cabs
Four different cab types in high- and low-roof versions.

  • Exclusive PANORAMIC cab with extensive, continuous 90° upward and downward field of view and no crossstruts to get in the way. Perfect for front-loader work
  • Low-roof versions from 2.48 m overall height (only available in the ARION 420/410)
  • Ergonomic multifunction control lever for all the main functions
  • PROACTIV front axle with independent wheel suspension for greater safety and lower vibration
  • Front and rear linkage suspension


Configuration Options
Two configuration options available to ensure its just the way you want it.


  • QUADRISHIFT powershift transmission
  • QUADRACTIV powershift unit and additional functions
  • CIS on-board computer
  • Multifunction control lever as standard, optionally with ELECTROPILOT or FLEXPILOT function
  • Mechanical or electronic spool valves
  • The optimum tractor for users with demanding requirements



  • QUADRISHIFT powershift transmission
  • Multifunction control lever as standard, optionally with integral FLEXPILOT function
  • Mechanical spool valves
  • The optimum tractor when tasks and drivers change frequently, e.g. on mixed farms


Strong at heart. 
Under the bonnet, all models feature engines from FPT (Fiat Powertrain Technologies) with a cubic capacity of 4.5 litres and all the latest technology.

  • 4-valve technology
  • 1,600 bar high-pressure common rail injection
  • Turbocharger (ARION 420 / 410)
  • Turbocharger with wastegate (ARION 460–430)
  • Intercooler
  • Meets the Stage IV (Tier 4) emissions standard thanks to SCR and DOC catalytic converters

NEW ARION 460-440


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