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Seed Hawk celebrates 500th machine sale "down under"

Published on 01 December 2015

NO-TILL precision seeding manufacturer, Seed Hawk, has announced the sale of its 500th unit in Australia, cementing its position as the undisputed market leader. Now available in a selection of working widths from six to 26 metres with 25 cm (10”) or 30 cm (12”) row spacing, Seed Hawk provides precision seeding systems for cropping operations of all sizes.

The Seed Hawk XL series features four working widths from 21.3 m (70’) to 25.9 m (85’). The five or seven section frame features a double-fold mechanism that folds to standard transport width of 8.6 metres. The 45 series has three working widths – 12 m (40’), 15.2 m (50’) and 18.3 m (60’), whose five-section frame folds to a more compact transport width of 4.5 m. The XL and 45 series toolbars can be paired with the all-new Seed Hawk 660 and 500 air carts. The former features an 18 tonne capacity across three primary bins, while the 500 has a capacity of 13 t across two primary bins.  Both models incorporate an additional one tonne bin, which allows small seeds, granular inoculant and micronutrients to be fed directly to the seed or fertiliser lines.  Other standard features include easy access ladders and walkways, while optional high capacity augers, belt conveyors or bag lifting systems ensure fast and easy filling.


The Seed Hawk 30 series is available in 6 m and 8 m working widths. The three-section frame incorporates 4000 L on-board split seed and fertiliser tank and folds to a compact 3 m. All three series feature the company’s patented ‘openers’, which achieve precise seed and fertiliser placement, even over uneven ground, high trash conditions or at higher operating speeds.  Each opener consists of a laid-back hydraulic tyne with separate knives that place the fertiliser about 20 mm deeper and 40 mm to the side of the seed row. The trailing press wheel, which independently tracks ground contours and maintains accurate depth control, then packs and seals the furrow for faster, more uniform emergence.


“Accurate seed and fertiliser placement is the first step to establishing the best crop possible,” Seed Hawk Product Manager, Marc Nesbit, says. “The split placement of seed and fertiliser ensures excellent safety during germination and then fast access to nutrients just when the seedling needs it.  Each opener is pulled into its operating position by a hydraulic ram with an adjustable ‘break-out’ pressure. Once the trip pressure has been reached, the opener gently glides up and over any obstacle before re-engaging the soil.



-In the 500th Unit article the width of the XL units are 4 sizes at 70, 80, 84 and 85.  Not the stated 65’ model and 5 working widths.

                 five working widths from 19.8 m (65’) to 25.6 m (84’)

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