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The round baler for tough conditions

Published on 16 August 2017

FORAGE harvesting specialist, CLAAS, will introduce an optional feed rake system on its popular ROLLANT 620 round baler on 2018-delivery machines.

CLAAS Harvest Centre Product Manager – CLAAS JAGUAR and Greenline, Luke Wheeler, says the feed rake is ideal for smaller farms harvesting hay or straw on difficult, uneven or sloping terrain. “ROLLANT 620 is famous for its high performance and ease of operation in all sorts of baling conditions,” he says. “It delivers remarkable throughput and bale density, even with tractors with engine power ratings as low as just 80 hp. The addition of a feed rake will increase its versatility and forage quality. The rakes pull the crop continuously from the pick-up and feeds it to the bale chamber. This is an essential requirement for achieving high throughput, even at modest tractor power outputs. The harvested crop is also handled gently without cutting, significantly reducing dust. The result is top-quality forage, such as that required for horse feed.”

The ROLLANT 620 has a pick-up with a working width of 1.85 metres, while the bale chamber has a diameter of 1.5 m. It features the same slim-line drawbar as other ROLLANT models, providing a clear view of the pick-up and enabling the driver to monitor the crop flow. The new ROLLANT 620 model is equipped with the proven CLAAS OPERATOR terminal. "This easy-to-use terminal allows the driver to keep an eye on key machine parameters, such as baling pressure, wrapping or tying,” Luke says. “If needed, a wrapping/tying start delay can also be set on the terminal, along with the preselection of net or twine. It also displays a bale counter and the position of the tailgate and the ramp.”

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