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Trimble the guiding force behind CLAAS steering

Published on 30 August 2022

CLAAS has entered into a strategic partnership with Trimble Inc to develop a new generation of satellite-based steering systems for CLAAS tractors, combine harvesters and forage harvesters.

CLAAS Harvest Centre General Manager – Product, Tim Needham, says the partnership is great news for CLAAS customers in Australia and New Zealand. “This partnership means new and existing customers can get even more out of their investment in both CLAAS and Trimble technology,” he says. “Trimble is recognised as a global leader in steering systems and its expertise in associated technologies, such as ISOBUS and task management, complement CLAAS’ own competencies.”

Trimble receiver and control technology has already been incorporated into the new generation of CLAAS GPS PILOT automated steering found in AXION and ARION tractors, LEXION combine harvesters and JAGUAR forage harvesters.

The new CLAAS GPS PILOT system is controlled by the new CEMIS 1200 terminal, a 12-inch, high definition multi-touch display. “This is a dedicated precision farming terminal that provides ‘all-in-one’ guidance, tractor and implement ISOBUS functionality, section control, variable application, work documentation and data transfer,” Tim says. “Its intuitive interface provides quick access to all functions and a configurable layout for a personalised user experience.”

CEMIS 1200 has scalable functionality, including section control and variable rate application available on compatible ISOBUS implements, such as seed drills, fertiliser spreaders and crop protection spray units.

The new CLAAS GPS PILOT system incorporates a SAT 900 multi-GNSS receiver that supports SATCOR by Trimble RTX correction signals, as well as both radio and cell delivered RTK signals. “The system is upgradable from 15 cm to 2.5 cm accuracy to cater for all types of farming operations and comes with a five-year licence for the SATCOR 15 correction signal free of charge, which provides an accuracy of 15 cm,” Tim says. RTK activations incorporate RTK bridging that provides seamless backup of corrections at 15 cm accuracy for up to 20 minutes in the event of a correction signal dropout. RTK Bridging Premium is also available which offers 3 cm accuracy indefinitely in the event of a correction signal dropout.

“Importantly, the CEMIS terminal and SAT900 receiver can be exchanged quickly and easily between different machines in a fleet,” Tim says.

CEMIS 1200 with Trimble receiver and control technology will be available exclusively on CLAAS machines, with sales and service provided by the CLAAS Harvest Centre network in Australia and New Zealand.

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