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A smorgasbord of innovation at Agritechnica

Published on 08 January 2019

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A smorgasbord of innovation at Agritechnica

CLAAS Harvest Centre customers throughout New Zealand and Australia are set to benefit from a feast of innovation unveiled at Agritechnica, Europe’s leading agricultural technology exhibition, in Germany this week.

All told, CLAAS and AMAZONE were presented with one gold and seven silver medals for innovation in agricultural technology by the German Agricultural Society (Deutsche Landwirtschafts- Gesellschaft, DLG).


CLAAS won a gold medal with its CEMOS AUTO THRESHING operator assistance program, which continuously monitors and automatically adjusts the threshing concave clearance and drum speed on LEXION combine harvesters to best suit the prevailing conditions.

The program forms an integral part of the CEMOS AUTOMATIC platform and works in harmony with the machine’s automated residual grain separation, cleaning and cruise control systems.

CLAAS also collected silver medals for its AXION 900 with TERRA TRAC tracked tractor concept, CEMOS driver assistance system for tractors and implements, CULTI CAM cultivation guidance system and Large Vehicle Alert system.

AXION 900 with TERRA TRAC becomes the first German half-tracked tractor with full suspension of the entire machine. Based on the same TERRA TRAC technology found on LEXION combine harvesters, the tractor variant features a larger drive wheel to increase torque.

The independent suspension of the drive and land wheels and support rollers allows the crawler track unit to adapt optimally to the ground, ensuring optimum traction, efficiency and comfort at all times. Like its LEXION counterparts, TERRA TRAC permits a safe and comfortable transport speed of up to 40 km/h.

CLAAS also displayed a prototype of a JAGUAR forage harvester fitted with another TERRA TRAC variant that minimises damage to pastures and soil at headlands. During turning, the land wheel of each track is raised, leaving the machine supported on the drive wheel and middle rollers. As a result, the contact area and degree of soil pressure change briefly to a level comparable to that produced by 800 mm diameter tyres.

The CLAAS Electronic Machine Optimisation System (CEMOS), soon to be released across the company’s range of advanced technology tractors, continuously monitors and adjusts operating settings of tractor/implement combinations based on operating conditions.

CLAAS CULTI CAM is a precision guidance system for mechanical cultivation in row, specialist or organic crops. Developed in conjunction with leading agricultural technology partners, it utilises a high-resolution 3D camera to detect crops and guide implement settings.

The CLAAS Large Vehicle Alert System transmits real-time telemetry data of enabled agricultural machinery to navigation systems and smartphone apps, thereby advising motorists of the position and status of farm machinery along their intended route.
The system can offer alternative routes to drivers, if the number, width or speed of agricultural machinery is likely to cause delays.

AMAZONE collected three silver medals for its innovation, including the ‘SwingStop pro’ spray boom guidance system, which uses boomed-mounted sensors and electronics to calculate the relative speed of each individual nozzle and then automatically adjust the spray output in milliseconds. The system also compensates any changes caused by the horizontal movements of the boom, resulting in unprecedented application accuracy across the entire width of the sprayer.

The AMAZONE ‘SmartService 4.0’, which allows field technicians to ‘livestream’ their working environment to factory-based AMAZONE service specialists using smartphones, tablets or data glasses. The technology will allow the company to provide real-time support to service technicians undertaking complicated repairs or maintenance procedures anywhere in the world.

AMAZONE’s third medal-winning innovation is the ‘Agrirouter’, an internet-based platform that enables farmers and contractors to easily share machinery data, regardless of the ‘native’ software it was created in. The platform will help to optimise operational procedures and reduce administrative costs.

CLAAS used Agritechnica to launch its new range of high performance SCORPION agricultural telescopic loaders and TORION wheeled loaders. Both ranges were developed in partnership with leading materials handling manufacturer, Liebherr.

CLAAS also unveiled a number of improvements to its JAGUAR 900 and 800 forage harvesters, including a new hydraulic pre-compression system, a new chopping cylinder and three new front attachments.

AMAZONE showcased more than 60 pieces of spreading, spraying, cultivation and drilling technology, including 25 new releases.

Please Note: CLAAS has yet to announce the availability of these innovations, ranges and options in New Zealand and Australia. CLAAS Harvest Centre will share this information once it becomes available.

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