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AgXeed Agbot

AgXeed Agbot

Autonomous farming

In the past decades, as resources have grown more expensive and sometimes scarce, the agricultural machinery industry has been chasing increased capacity by producing larger and larger machines,  which are killing the soil. AgXeed offers a completely new and different concept: a lighter and fully autonomous machine, which enables a winning business model for ecologically friendly farming.


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Everyday tasks handled with ease

Beefwood Farms in northern NSW is making a practical move toward autonomous cropping with the acquisition of AgBot tractors from Dutch tech company AgXeed. This article explores the farm's strategic shift, examining the tangible benefits and challenges of integrating autonomous technology. From tramline renovation to spot spraying, we take a concise look at how AgBot tractors aim to enhance operational efficiency. Discover Beefwood Farms' measured approach to innovation and its potential impact on Australian agriculture in the brief overview below. Find out more in the detailed exploration ahead.

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Time flexibility and saving resources.

Autonomous tractors are much more than a solution to the labour shortage; they can operate non stop and unsupervised for 15 – 20 hours of continuous operation – dependant on workload, freeing up the farmer from time constraints in planning his operations. Because the AgBot is guided by smart algorithms, it saves not only time, but also all input resources: energy, fertilizer, water, seeds, etc.

Plan ahead, optimize as you go

During the peak season farmers are confronted with the necessity to make many critical decisions with little time to think, as circumstances change quickly and unpredictably. AgXeed portal allows the farmer to plan all necessary operations well in advance of the season, with several scenarios for each operation, if necessary.

Improve yield by precision farming

The Hybrid electric drive train in combination with the highly precise positioning system increase the precision of the AgBot’s work. Algorithms and data models created in the cloud complement the machine’s mechanical precision with intelligence. The result is an improvement in the quality of work and often the quantity of yield, paving the way for more sustainable farming.

Leveraging data and technology

Leveraging data and technology in agriculture can provide significant benefits for your operation.

Data generated in the AgXeed Protal provides valuable insights for optimizing operations, enhancing product quality, and improving communication across the agricultural supply chain.