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Chris Radford

Chris Radford

Technical Support Specialist — Landpower, Christchurch

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? 
I was born and bred on a farm in northern Tasmania, Australia. Once I completed school, I was lucky enough to get an apprenticeship with William Adams (CAT dealer) and once my apprenticeship was completed, I was thrown into a field service ute, allowing me to spend a further 4 and half years in the field travelling around fixing earth moving equipment, totalling 8 and half years with CAT. When I left William Adams, I decided to work with my father for 12 months, prior to making the move to New Zealand. My father runs a contract harvesting business, harvesting grain throughout the east coast of Australia. The 12 months which included a full harvest season, helped me get a lot of experience under my belt before I started my new role with Landpower. Although I was always surrounded by farm machinery, I believe it is very important to understand first hand, the pressures of harvest on a customer/contractor, and ensure the machines are performing their best. The only way to do this, is to jump in a cab and sit behind the wheel of the machine. Following this I made the move from Australia to New Zealand and began with Landpower, where I am today.
Outside of work, in New Zealand, I enjoy the outdoors and making the most of the weekends. In summer my hobbies include walking, mountain biking and getting the odd water ski in here and there. Winter, we are very close to the ski fields here in Christchurch, so most weekends involve a day up the mountain snowboarding.

When did you start at Landpower? 
I've been based in Christchurch since early 2016.

What's your role at Landpower? 
Technical Support Specialist. Whilst my main product is engines, I also assist with tractors and for the 2017 harvest, I will be looking after LEXION on the east coast of Australia.

What does a typical day involve? 
It depends on the time of year for what a “typical day” looks like to me. During the winter months, I will be catching up on projects, major issues and providing service training to CLAAS Harvest Centre service technicians. We also use this time to gain further training ourselves, normally involving a trip to Europe.
During the harvest season, we are out with dealers assisting with issues and reporting any major issues to CLAAS. Also during the harvest season, we accompany CLAAS specialised technicians (from Germany) working with them to assist dealers with any major customer or machine issues. We also use this time to visit customers during their harvest, to ensure they are satisfied and getting the most out of their machines.

What do you enjoy most about your role?
I enjoy a good challenge, and this role provides exactly that. I also get to travel either with sorting out issues or gaining further training. This allows me to see how other farmers/contractors from across the world run their operations, I find this very interesting.

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