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Desmond Cuzner

Desmond Cuzner

Parts Interpreter — CLAAS Harvest Centre Dalby

How and when did you start your career in agriculture?

I have been in the sales industry for 22 years. I decided on a change from one position and went to work in a place that sells farming and mower supplies. I had a customer come in to work chasing a part for a ride on lawn mower and I had to look it up using schematics. I had never done anything like it before and I could not believe how much I enjoyed it. From that day I have been in the sales/parts industry and grown to where I am today.

What drew you to your current role?

I wanted to specialise in a brand and a friend told me this position had just opened. I dropped in a resume and here I am 7 years later. I had found a job where I could grow, and specialise in a brand.

What roles and experiences have led you to where you are today?

I began this journey as a traveling salesman. I travelled for Aida Sales and Marketing selling Time Life’s Children’s Educational Tools. I travelled up the east coast knocking on doors selling children’s futures. About twenty years ago I finished up and decided to stay here in Dalby. I have had a few roles in the retail game with Betta Electrical, Harvey Norman and the like. I dabbled in car sales and went to the next job and refined what I enjoyed doing. I began my Part’s journey at Dalby Mower Supplies, then went to Black Truck Sales and honed my skills over the next 5 years, and then applied here at CHC Dalby.

What do you love about our industry?

When people ask me this all I think is the challenge the role offers. Finding that elusive part that none before you could find. I enjoy the chase and the challenge’s I face every day. The network of friends and customer relationships.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of working in our industry?

Role with the punches, get through them and you will find this job is very rewarding. It can be a roller coaster ride at times.

What training and development have you undertaken with us?

  • I’ve completed the A.I.M. NEW Leader Course
  • In September 2022 I gained recognition of prior learning for my parts experience and was awarded the Certificate III in Automotive Sales
  • I am registered to attend the Landpower & CLAAS Harvest Centre Geared Up Leaders Program in early 2023

What do you feel are the key reasons you have stayed with the Landpower and CLAAS Harvest Centre team?

We have a great team here in Dalby. We have our ups and downs yet we all get in and have a go.

Landpower Melbourne offer great support second to none, and I love the product.

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