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CLAAS releases new AXION 800 series tractors

Published on 25 May 2020

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CLAAS releases new AXION 800 series tractors

CLAAS continues the roll-out of its new generation of advanced technology tractors, with the release of the new AXION 800 series.

Available in six models with Tier 4 engines spanning 205 to 300 horsepower, AXION 800 features a choice of three operating systems and enhanced equipment options to suit a broad range of applications.


AXION 800 can be configured with a choice of three operating systems: the basic CLAAS Information System (CIS), the intermediate CLAAS Information System Plus (CIS+) or the advanced CLAAS Electronic on-Board Information System (CEBIS). “CIS has been kept deliberately simple with up to five mechanical spool valves and the tried-and-trusted CIS display,” CLAAS Harvest Centre Group Product Manager – Tractors, Dave Knowles, says. “The new CIS+ offers electronic spool valves in combination with the CIS colour display. It is an intermediate system that is aimed at customers who want greater convenience and efficiency but do not need all the functionality of the CEBIS system. Importantly, it offers customers the option of using the CMATIC continuously variable transmission without the CEBIS system.”

CIS and CIS+ both utilise a multi-function armrest that incorporates the ELECTROPILOT four-way control lever and DRIVESTICK control lever.

The updated CEBIS operating system features a new 300 mm (12 inch) touch-screen display and an ergonomic armrest incorporating the CMOTION multi-function control lever. “This system provides convenient operation of all the main functions using just three fingers,” Dave says. 

All tractors in the new AXION 800 series are fitted with a universal tow hitch support that supports a range of new drawbar options. “This hitch support, which is also found on the AXION 900, allows problem-free connection with implements from other farm machinery manufacturers using the same standards,” Dave says. “The tow hitch support comes with a ladder hitch as standard and a slot that can be adjusted for six different traction settings.”

The braking system of all models incorporate an air dryer for increased service life and safety. “Condensation is automatically filtered out of the compressed air before it enters the accumulator, thereby preventing premature corrosion of valves, cylinders and air reservoirs and damage caused by freezing water,” Dave says.

All models are equipped with new wide-angle rear-view mirrors, each with two independently adjustable fields of view, as standard.

Options include an advanced LED lighting pack and leather seats.

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