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Connected Machines - Harvesters

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Connected Machines

Combine Harvester Data Solutions

Optimise fleet efficiency & performance with combine harvester data

Introducing the first direct cloud-to-cloud solution for combine harvester data. Farmers with connected machines benefit from real-time data transfer, remote service, and automatic documentation of their machinery assets. Save money and gain time with CLAAS digital farming solutions. 

digital farming solutions pictured with multiple CLAAS tractors working in a connected fashion.


CLAAS offers different modules which you can combine to suite your needs. CLAAS covers the cost of the Remote Service basic module for the first five years. We also include a selected TELEMATICS license for the first three years. So you can spend more time on the things that really matter.

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  • The first direct cloud-to-cloud solution for agricultural machinery
  • Real time data transfer
  • Manufacturer-independent
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  • Transfers the CLAAS machine data to the farm management software of your choice
  • Making it much simpler for farmers to use their chosen software solution for planning and documentation
  • Allows automatic documentation of your business

Remote Service

  • Your service partner has direct access to specific data from your machine for maintenance and servicing purposes
  • Your benefits: easier to plan, increased machine availability, fast, direct service
  • 5 years free of charge

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