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AMAZONE CENIUS 2TX Tine Cultivator | CLAAS Harvest Centre

Ceus 2TX

Trailed Disc Harrow Cultivator Combination

Maximum cultivation performance in just one pass.

The Ceus-2TX trailed disc harrow cultivator combination, in working widths of 4 m to 7 m, is the most flexible soil tillage implement in this sector. Thanks to the combination of discs and tines, the AMAZONE Ceus-2TX cultivator offers, due to the many benefits taken from the AMAZONE compact disc harrows and AMAZONE mulch cultivators, the maximum potential output.


No Matter Whether Shallow or Deep

With the Ceus 4000-2TX, 5000-2TX, 6000-2TX and 7000-2TX, AMAZONE introduces a new and flexible operating concept. Ceus combines the operational action of a compact disc harrow for shallow soil tillage with a tine section for deep loosening. This combination makes Ceus-2TX the perfect implement for farms that have to incorporate copious amounts of organic matter, such as grain maize and catch crops or wish to operate very flexibly – both shallow and deep – with just one implement.


Several Working processes in one pass

With the new trailed disc harrow cultivator combination, several operational processes can be combined into one pass. So, the front disc section, with its serrated 510 mm discs, allows shallow operation at working depths of 5 to 14 cm. This is then followed by the tine section, with its C-Mix Super tines, which can loosen down to a maximum depth of 30 cm. At the same time, during operation, the penetration force of the tine section increases the cutting effect of the front discs.

Ceus 2TX_3.png

Levelling Unit for an even surface finish

The disc and tine sections are followed by a levelling system which can, from choice, be equipped with either smooth or serrated discs or with spring tine levellers. Also here, sprung rubber mountings serve as the overload protection. For the optimum matching to the next bout, either side tines or discs can be individually adjusted in both height and angle.

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58 West Coast Road, Yaldhurst
Christchurch 7676, New Zealand
PO Box 16130, Christchurch 8441

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