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Seed Drill

Catch crop pro.

To enable the sowing of catch crops directly or together with the soil tillage operation, AMAZONE offers the GREENDRILL seeder box. With hopper capacities of 200 or 500 L, the GREENDRILL seeder box is ideal for sowing fine seeds.

Catros5001-2_Greendrill_Fendt_002_d1_140722 (1).jpg

Easy use seed hopper

The hopper of the GREENDRILL can easily be accessed via the loading steps. As part of the metering system, underneath the seed hopper, is the seed shaft where all seed types and seed rates can be sown using either the normal or fine seed wheels provided. The drive to the seed shaft and fan are carried out with an electric motor and hydraulically.


Two levels of operational comfort

Choose from either the basic or comfort version for the operator terminal of the GREENDRILL.

The basic level allows both the seed shaft and the blower fan to be switched plus the speed of the seed shaft can be adjusted. In the Comfort version, the operator terminal offers an additional options menu to assist the calibration test and for indicating the forward speed, the worked area and the hours operated.

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45 Ron Guthrey Road, Avonhead
Christchurch 8042, New Zealand
PO Box 16130, Christchurch 8441

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