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Precision Air Seeder

Intuitive performer.

The new PRECEA precision air seeder from AMAZONE combines precision, intuition and high performance in one ultimate seeding machine. The precise singling unit and fertiliser metering provides exact distribution along the row of seed and fertiliser ensuring efficient fertilisation while the PreTeC coulter technology ensures high field emergence performance.

AMAZONE Precea 3000 working shot.jpg
Precea4500 2C Masseyferguson D0 Kw P4235745 D1 210304

Uncomplicated and robust frame

Due to the closed-coupled design, all the frame options with the precision air seeder are very light and compact. The maintenance-free bearings on the frame with telescopic function provide quality and reliability. The unique bearing concept of the telescopic frame minimises wear and tear and keeps surface abrasion to a minimum.

Precea6000 2CC D0 Kw Q6011614 A D1 210615

All-round coulter

The PreTeC mulch sowing coulter is excellently suited for precision sowing, whether after the plough, mulch sowing or direct seeding. The PRECEA has a high output due to its accuracy at high working speeds of up to 15 km/h.


Working speed (km/h)
Working speed (km/h)
12 15
Fertiliser hopper capacity (L)
Fertiliser hopper capacity (L)
950 1250
Seed hopper capacity (L)
Seed hopper capacity (L)
55 55
Singling drive
Singling drive
Speedshaft Electric Drive
Implement control
Implement control
Fertiliser metering drive
Fertiliser metering drive
Mechanical Electric
Double disc coulter
Double disc coulter
PreTeC PreTeC
Metering system
Metering system
Precis Precis

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