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Seed Hawk 30

Air Drill


Seed Hawk 30

Air Drill

Legendary Precision.

The SEED HAWK 30 SERIES brings precision seeding to smaller farms and mixed-farming operations, where larger drills are impractical.

Precision placement

Regardless of the diversity of your crops, the 30 SERIES offers the same legendary seed and fertiliser placement as large-scale SEED HAWK Seed Drill Systems, in a compact combination of tank and toolbar. The 30 Series is available with 10 or 12-inch row spacing. A 111-bushel, two compartment onboard tank delivers seed and fertiliser to the openers and the floating drawbar provides accurate depth control.

Compact traveller

The SEED HAWK 30 Air Drill folds up in a convenient, compact package. Regardless of the configuration, the machine has a transport width of 3m. The transport height ranges from 3.35 to 4.06m, depending on the frame width.

Bruce Rankin

Branch Manager

Bruce Rankin

027 809 8384

Vaughn Carson

Sales Representative

Vaughn Carson

027 223 3365

Glenn Davidson

Sales Representative

Glenn Davidson

027 223 3363


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The 45 Air Drill combines the efficiency and precision of Sectional Control® Technology and industry leading precision opener assemblies. Constructed with thick, high tensile steel, the frame features a symmetrical design to reduce flexing, improve strength and make seed placement more precise. The 45 Air Drill has a narrow folded width and low profile, so it goes where wider transport units can’t.

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