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UX Special

Trailed Sprayer

A new dimension in plant protection technology.

The high capacity, compact trailed sprayer, offering lightweight and a low centre of gravity, that travels quickly and safely on the road, meters comfortably, faultlessly and precisely and above all ensures environmentally friendly spraying in the field.


A comprehensive family

The UX Special family consists of five trailed sprayers that differ in tank size, ranging from 3600 L to 12000 L. There’s also the Super and Special versions to choose from, with the difference being the pump technology. The UX Special is equipped with a single pump system whereas the UX Super is equipped with the bigger 430 or 530 L/min tandem pump system offering.

UX11200_Claas_004_d1_130807 (1).jpg

High performance agitation and cleaning

You can reduce the intensity of the hydraulic agitation almost to nothing to avoid any foaming of the crop protection agent or to facilitate spraying out the remaining tank contents.

Three powerful rotating nozzles clean the spray agent tank. Short pipe runs and the smallest cross sectional areas ensure minimal residues.

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UX 11201

Trailed Sprayer

With the UX 11201, AMAZONE now offers a 12000 L sprayer with tandem axle where there is an especially high demand on increased work rates.


Mounted Sprayer

The compact UF mounted sprayer, with tank capacities from 900 to 1,800 litres, is characterised by its strong, robust construction yet lightweight design. With a choice of Q-Plus, Super-S1 or Super-S2 booms, and in boom widths from 12 to 30 m, the UF is a machine that caters for a wide ranging size of farm.

UF 2002

Mounted Sprayer

The compact UF 02 mounted sprayer has a capacity of 2000 L and working width of 15-30 m. It is characterised by its extremely operator-friendly design and in combination with the FT front tank, the tank capacity can be easily increased by an extra 1500 L.

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58 West Coast Road, Yaldhurst
Christchurch 7676, New Zealand
PO Box 16130, Christchurch 8441

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