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CLAAS ARION advanced tractor and high tech tractor pictured ploughing a field.
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ARION 510-660

125 hp to 205 hp Tractor

Lighten up your daily workload with ARION 500/600 advanced technology tractors.

This advanced technology tractor combines one of our most popular models with up to 205hp, a choice of three equipment variants with automatic functions designed for effective, effortless operation. Intelligent and efficient powershift and cvt transmission options and first-class comfort. ARION 500/600 tractors give you the freedom to do more. Contact your local dealer today.

CLAAS Arion 650 Tractor with a front loader attached, loading square hay bales on to a trailer.
CLAAS Tractors Pictured inside a shed.

HEXASHIFT - efficient powershift transmission

With HEXASHIFT you can shift effortlessly through all six powershift speeds and the four automatic ranges using your fingertips, or you can shift automatically using the HEXACTIV auto-shift function. Overlapping  powershift speeds allow you to utilise the full output potential of the engine and provide smooth range shifting on the road.

  • No need to use the clutch when changing range
  • Excellent efficiency in the field and on the road for low fuel consumption
  • SMART STOP: stop with the brake pedal without using the clutch
  • HEXACTIV auto-shift function with cruise control
  • REVERSHIFT clutchless reverser with electronic parking brake
  • Engine speed limiter reduces fuel consumption
Engine of the CLAAS ARION advanced tractor and high tech tractor pictured.

Strong at Heart

The CLAAS-specific engine performance curve provides full torque in a wide engine speed range, guaranteeing constant output and power delivery when they are needed. This makes it easy to save fuel while working at a low engine speed and maximum torque with the ECO PTO, or to work at rated speed with a full reserve.

  • DPS Powertech engines with 4.5 or 6.8 l cubic capacity
  • ARION 500: 4-cylinder engines with staged turbocharger (a smaller turbocharger with an extremely fast response time and a wastegate turbocharger)
  • ARION 600: 6-cylinder engines with VGT turbocharger

first-class comfort

CLAAS ARION 510-660 tractors have several practical features which make it the ideal choice for long working days.

  • Highly spacious ergonomically designed cab with excellent visibility
  • 4-point cabin suspension with front axle suspension (select models)
  • Generous headroom with multiple storage compartments
  • Passenger seat with integrated cooler box
  • Optional fully automated air-conditioning system with Cat 3 filter
  • LED headlights for perfect illumination around the machine at night

Greater efficiency

The engine speed limiter is a great help when it comes to saving fuel. Simply set the maximum engine speed in advance and then you can focus fully on your work. The engine maintains the set speed regardless of how hard you depress the accelerator. This allows you to cut fuel consumption significantly.


Multiple display and armrest options

CEBIS (pictured) - available with HEXASHIFT or CMATIC transmission, CEBIS features electronic spool valves and the superb CEBIS terminal with a 12" touchscreen display. CEBIS functions include CSM headland management, camera image, ISOBUS implement control, CEMOS for tractors and spool valve prioritisation.

CIS+ - available with CMATIC or HEXASHIFT powershift transmission, CIS+ features a 7" colour display built into the A-pillar, combining display and setting options for the transmission, electronic spool valves, F buttons and CSM headland management. 

CIS (CLAAS Information System) -  features a compact design and outstanding control ergonomics: all settings are easily activated using a rotary/push switch and the ESC button. Two electronic spool valves for the front loader are also available as an option in the CIS version and are operated via the ELECTROPILOT on the armrest.


660 650 630 610 550 530 510
Number of Cylinders
Number of Cylinders
6 6 6 6 4 4 4
Cubic Capacity (cm3)
Cubic Capacity (cm3)
6788 6788 6788 6788 4525 4525 4525
Max. output (ECE R 120) (kW/hp)
Max. output (ECE R 120) (kW/hp)
136/185 136/185 121/165 107/145 121/165 107/145 92/125
Max. output with CPM (ECE R 120) (kW/hp)
Max. output with CPM (ECE R 120) (kW/hp)
151/205 - - - - - -
Max. Torque (Nm)
Max. Torque (Nm)
849 (with CPM) 754 703 640 697 619 562
Hydraulic Load-Sensing Circuit (l/min)
Hydraulic Load-Sensing Circuit (l/min)
150 150 110 110 110 110 110

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PO Box 16130, Christchurch 8441

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58 West Coast Road, Yaldhurst
Christchurch 7676, New Zealand
PO Box 16130, Christchurch 8441

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